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  1. Brand new, in the box, never mounted or soldered. $110 plus shipping.
  2. Brand new, never mounted, never used, I removed it from the packaging long enough to photograph it, and it's back in the bubble wrap. $130 plus shipping. This is pretty much dealer cost....the project I had intended for this neck is getting scrapped.
  3. Fender USA VIntage Tremolo Assembly. This unit was mounted brand new on a guitar for approximately a month, but the guitar is getting parted out. $45 + actual shipping (should be no more than 5-7 bucks)
  4. Hey folks, I've got parts to a Les Paul build that's been sitting around for eons and I've decided I'm going to abandon it...The following parts are being sold as a package: * 1-piece mahogany body * 1-piece mahogany neck blank (neck template shows that you will have enough wood to make a 1-piece neck) * sufficient wood for ears of above neck * tunematic bridge (nashville, nickel) from stu-mac * Stop tail piece (nickel) * 24 fret 24.75 scale rosewood fretboard * set of Mother of pearl trapezoid inlays Pictures: $100 for the whole shebang (not including a
  5. Brand new, in-sealed-package Gotoh floyd Rose tremolo. Includes top mount r2 nut, set of allen keys, posts, bolts, brass shims (for nut), tremolo block and bar. I would rate this tremolo right up there with the Schaller and OFR. It's that good folks. Same exact tremolo that's on the Ernie Ball Axis. $99 shipped to continental US. message me for details.
  6. Yes, I'll be glad to send anyone a zip file of pictures...just pm me your email address.
  7. Ah I forgot to mention...thanks. I'll gladly ship internationally...however, I need to review how much it'll cost on a case by case basis. So if you're interested in something, shoot me an email or a PM and we'll figure out shipping. Thanks, Frank
  8. Hey folks, I've got the following items for sale from a superstrat project that is getting abandoned. All brand new: * Allparts SMO strat neck. It's brand new, no drill holes, never played, tag still on the headstock, etc. This neck is the SMO, it has a maple fretboard, 12" radius, 22 medium jumbo frets. Direct from allparts they're $160. New from a dealer, closer to $120. I'll take $95 shipped to the CONUS. * Gotoh schaller-style guitar tuners. Chrome, 6-inline, brand new, still in the package. See part number #1951 on this link for reference. $25 shipped to CONUS. * Go
  9. Hey folks, I have an Allparts SMO neck for sale. It's brand new, still got the tag on the headstock. The specs on the neck are as follows: 12" radius, 22 frets, maple fretboard, walnut skunk stripe, medium jumbo frets, kluson holes These necks are fantastic values....the only thing really needed (as with all brand new allparts necks) is some sanding sponge treatment on the fret ends to soften them. I'm looking for $90 for the neck, plus shipping. Allparts lists them at $160 and you can get em new elsewhere at close to $125. So this is certainly a deal.
  10. Yup, I realize that....at the time, I *knew* was taking a chance...but something in me said "#$% it" and I went for it. This build is progressing so slowly anyway, that if the top cracks I wont have been too far into it...granted I will have lost what time I put into it...and the wood....but so far so good. I definitely wont do this again...but this one time, I decided to take the chance.
  11. I know I'm going to get a reprimanded by some here... But I ended up just clamping the living hell out of my top and when I held my breath, undoing the clamps, it came out great... My top was slightly cupped upward, meaning the center of the top was flush with the mahogany back...but the sides showed a small amount of space. Less than 1/8" each side. I glued up the pieces, used alot of extra clamps and went to town. It's been almost 3 weeks since I loosened the clamps and things look ok. -F
  12. Postal and Setch, Thanks for the advice....in both cases, it proved very useful. I was able to avoid issues relating to fret slots by keeping the scraper at a 45 degree angle....and I was able to remove a great deal of binding material, clean and straight, with the radius block. I've got it down enough to start thinking about how I'm going to do the inlays....but this hump is over thanks to you guys! -Frank
  13. Ahhhh....Postal, thank you for the clarification...and Setch for the initial help! That makes alot more sense.... I've removed *most* of the material already with sandpaper...so a final hit with the radius block should do the trick....and then scraping Alright, I'm scrubbin up and goin in! Be back to you guys with my results....
  14. Hey Setch, Um. It's regular standard stew mac cream binding. It didn't occur to me to trim it before gluing it. So it's at it's normal size, on the side of the fretboard. I would say that at most 1/32"-1/16" tops. It's enough to certainly make the fretboard not look or feel right. Regardless, I think I'm going to sand until I got close and then try to scrape it with a razor blade the rest of the way...that should get close. what do you mean staying 45 degrees to the center line? I'm not sure I follow you. I've been thinking of simply limiting the scrape so that it never gets near
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