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  1. My family is replacing the kitchen and dining room tables. The kitchen table is 1 3/4" Oak and the dining room table is 1 1/4" thick and made up of a bunch of maple boards laminated together, some of which have some nice flame to them. Obviously I need to build some guitars out of these. There's probably enough oak for about 6 guitar body's, maybe 7. I figure I can try some different variations on chambering with the oak to reduce the weight. I definately want to try making a hollowbody LP style guitar with the oak as a base and the maple cap, but beyond that I'm entirely open to ideas. Thi
  2. I was in a GC a few weeks ago helping a beginner pick out their first guitar. Long story short, the salesman kept trying to push the bottom of the line Epi Les Paul Special package on her and was insisting that it was made of solid mahogany (one solid piece!). It was very clearly not made of mahogany and the finish looked like some kind of plastic-y painted on wood grain and the salesman rudely told me I had no idea what I was talking about. I told him I'd hand built several guitars and I could tell what mahogany was and he looked at me like it was completely impossible for anyone outside of t
  3. Your everyday run-of-the-mill Strat or an Epiphone Casino w/ P-90's
  4. I just came across this interesting article on DailyTech http://www.dailytech.com/article.aspx?newsid=8046 Toyota Prius taxi cab crosses the 400,000km mark (248,548 miles) running 22-24 hours a day for 2 straight years. Also interesting is apparently NYC mayor Bloomberg has declared all yellow cabs in the city must go hybrid by 2012. "The Prius accomplished this feat by consuming just 10 to 15 liter of gasoline per 12-hour shift as opposed to 35 to 55 liter for traditional ICE taxis." ... the NYC taxi edict could actually be a huge reduction. Mark, I mostly agree with your view.
  5. Hijack in another direction!!! Typing in "leet-speak" or replacing letters with other symbols is obnoxious. It's also pathetic to see that many people not much younger than myself are completely losing the ability to form coherent sentences because they've spent their entire youth using AIM and text messaging. Seeing things like "omg, wan2 go 2 tha mall 2morrO?" or "LoL, I 7o7a||y pwnd u n00bz" makes me want to puke. God help the nation's English teachers. </rant> **edit: not really directed at Dan, as a now see that his L key doesn't work, reading his post just sparked my ire t
  6. +1 to what Greg said you could alyways just tie your left arm behind your back for a week or two instead
  7. http://www.manchesterguitartech.co.uk/lacquer.html I haven't personally used this guy, I just found the site a while ago. Good luck.
  8. It doesn't work like that, there's a lag between the emissions and the resultant warming. Even if all pollution magically stopped tommorow, we wouldn't see the full effect of those greenhouse gasses for many years.
  9. That's the part of the process I'm not entirely clear on. Maybe Ben can add to that.
  10. I can't explain the radiation spectrum of the atmosphere in great detail, but this is basically what happens: CO2 reflects infrared wavelengths, but not so much visible ones. The visible ones make it to the Earth's surface and transfer energy, while the infrared wavelengths are either absorbed by the upper atmosphere or reflected into space. The trapping/greenhouse effect is the result of the Earth's surface bouncing infrared photons which are absorbed by the Earth's atmosphere on the way back out.
  11. But once it IS cooled by an outside source,Ice,being colder ,tends to try to keep everything cooler....but really,if you read closely what you typed,you explain exactly why it does what I said it does. Wes, I'm afraid you're just wrong about this. Ice doesn't tend to keep everything cooler. Ice is nothing more than the low-energy state of water, which when placed in a higher energy system absorbs additional energy and melts. If you add even more energy, it evaporates. LOTS of energy and it sublimates. When we take ice out of our freezer, the surrounding matter loses a bit of energy and t
  12. I think there were two key things to take away from what the article discussed of those raw employment numbers. First, those Big-3 employment numbers have been falling for a while, while the big-3 Japanese companies continue to open new plants in the US. The second thing (and they talk about this a lot) is that Ford is literally paying people to sit around and not build cars because the auto unions have sort of gotten out of hand a bit. The American companies are carrying more employees than they should for what they're actually producing and it cuts into their profitability and their ability
  13. that is merely some egghead theory...nothing more.go ahead,put your faith in them...they would NEVER steer you wrong,now would they? i guess putting ice in a glass of water does not affect it's temperature either. More Ice = lower temps.period.Don't mean to upset. Wha?? lower temps. period. ??? Yes, the temperature of the water went down, but the temperature of the ICE went up (it melted). The total energy of the system remains the same. This is like 5th grade science here. The planet is warming, and though it may be part of a natural cycle humans are almost certainly accel
  14. No, I am quite correct, I pulled the FACTS before I ran my mouth. A Camry is 80% American made components, a Chevy Suburban 67% and a Ford Mustang 65%. GM and Ford cars contain only 73% American made parts (across the whole line) and that's declining. Honda is at nearly 60% and climbing. http://www.boston.com/cars/news/articles/2...to_tell/?page=1 You were also off on the Accord price, 94 base price was 14,000, and the person who spent that vs. the one that spent 7,000 on Cavalier in 1994 got the better value no matter how you slice it - drivetrain, interior, handling, reliabilit
  15. I'm turning my attention from building buitars towards other projects. High on the list are some effects pedals and a new speaker cabinet. Does anyone have a link to a good flanger schematic? There's also a million variants of the Tube Screamer schematic floating around. Does anyone have a schematic for one they've built and been pleased with?
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