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  1. Nice work crow! That link with all that dick in the title did give me a scare though
  2. Start spraying your nitro/poly/what have ye.
  3. I did, maikman beat me to it! Those wiki plan's a fairly accurate if you get it printed correctly.
  4. If i still had it! I will search the PC.
  5. I used Humbrol for my RG (pictures of which some may remember, because i can't find them), worked really well and no thinning was necessary at all.
  6. I don't have much money, and my other real EMG's are single coil; which I will probably use sometime on another guitar. Perhaps if I do a JEM with H/S/H. Could always swap out to real emg's at a later date anyway.
  7. $100 for a mahogany body blank is a fair price in Australia (i bought a few at $104 here in SA, still no idea what i will use them for ) Look forward to seeing the progress of your bass! Cheers, RG.
  8. Looking good, i love ric 4003's. Goodluck on the project! I cant wait to see the outcome!
  9. The CNC machines i used to work with were awesome Biesse Rover 20's, had about 13 different cutters and was VERY quick with hardwoods. Program it runs sucks though.
  10. +1 CNC will make some very accurate templates, using those templates correctly will get the same results and more satisfaction.
  11. All of my guitars have played fine, just no better than what i already had. They also had little problems that i couldn't live with...getting there though.
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