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  1. Nice work crow! That link with all that dick in the title did give me a scare though
  2. Wood from bunnings is not something i would recommend for luthiery. Looking at Australian luthier suppliers websites will give you an idea of what australian timbers are used: http://www.luthierssuplies.com http://www.guitarwoods.com.au/catalog/index.php
  3. Looks like ash, still a bit rough to say for definite.
  4. +1 I can't say i play any guitars that i have built, all of them played fine, just the small problems i couldn't live with. Getting there though.
  5. They are pretty common in cheaper guitars, epiphone was a big user and i have an acoustic with the same tuners. That worm gear looks very worn compared to the tuners i have sitting here.
  6. Pity my other half want to live in Adelaide... I want live in the damn Maton factory!
  7. Ahh makes sense, skipped over most of it to look at the pics! Good on you for asking before hand though, saved you some mess potentially.
  8. Only if you want your guitar to be under 20mm thick For a top on the other hand For blackwood for bodies check Mathews timber which is somewhere in Melbourne.
  9. Yeah i was talking about the likely intonation issues that may occur without the bass side set back.
  10. I would move to melbourne, just to work there. What do you do there? Duties? Training?
  11. I guess in the end it all comes down to preference. What do you enjoy playing? Set Neck, Through Neck or Bolt On. I like neck through as they are comfortable in the upper ranges. Set neck is good too and is easier to fret than neck through (i wouldn't fret a board unless it was on the neck, some people do though) Bolt on is easier than set and through necks, also easily replaced if you screw up.
  12. There is probably very minimal differences, but i have never tested this myself. I like neck through for looks and when done the right way, the upper fret access is amazing.
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