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  1. After receiving the neck, my opinion is that its worth what I paid and that Derek has potential. The neck itself is good, but there are few minor problems that aren't big deals. The minor issues are what I figured would be present in this neck from this builder, since he did it by hand and had little experience. Had it been from another builder that charges $400, I would've been pissed had these been present, but doubt that would've been the case. 1) a couple of the dots aren't aligned properly so it looks like a smiley face. Its not noticeable from afar, but once u get right up in there y
  2. Kevan, Derek and I are working to resolve this situation as quickly as possible..
  3. Re: LazyDerek Almost one year ago, I decided to build my own guitar. (As proven by my Join date: Oct 8 03.) At the time I was completely new to wood working and guitar building, but not to guitars. By November '03, I had decided what guitar I wanted to build and the specs I wanted in my final product. I began pricing wood, tools, and parts for the guitar. I had asked on Project Guitar for locations to get certain wood types, it was at this time Derek Neil (KrazyDerek) offered me some of his extra wood. I wanted an ebony fretboard, and he happened to have extra ebony and offered it t
  4. http://home.rgv.rr.com/kingv1474/DSCF0008.JPG http://home.rgv.rr.com/kingv1474/DSCF0009.JPG http://home.rgv.rr.com/kingv1474/DSCF0010.JPG
  5. Measurements are 20" x 15" x 1.75 thick" Planed and ready for your guitar design. Must sell since the person I commissioned to build me two necks is only doing one....assuming it actually gets done and shipped. I paid $50 + shipping in May. I'll sell for $50 + shipping. OBO. Paypal preferred. Pictures will be up later today. If noone wants it in a couple of days..off to ebay.
  6. Yeah I did a long time ago, they just linked me to another site and tol dme they had parts for sale.
  7. If you have a CopyZone or possibly a Kinkos near you, you can take the CAD file to them and they'll print it out for ya. THey like it to be complete though. Not juts hte model, but a layout page. Call ahead and ask if they can do it, and if so what format they use and page sizes. If you don't know HOW to do that stuff, thats another story. If you catch them on a good day they might take the model and do the rest for ya. When I got one plotted out the gentlemen was in a good mood and a nice guy and he helped me set it up and plotted it.
  8. Well. Since the person I commissioned to build a custom neck for me 9 months ago STILL has yet to finish and ship it. Let alone the other one I wanted as well (I'll explain in another longer post), I've decided to just put my Jackson (which I was using for parts) back together. In the span of 9months I've lost a few screws. If anyone has extra of the following can you PM me? 1 needed, 1 wanted(one is slightly bent but works) long fine threaded screw and spring used for EMG humbuckers to put it on the humbucker ring. a handful of the small screws used to screw in the electronics/trem
  9. well just make sure you get a completion by/delivered by date..and that the company/person sticks to it.. cuz..you dont wanna be stuck waiting...mm..random number....7+ months..for a neck that you paid for in full. Cuz...that would suck...
  10. ..noone said it was....and..nah don't feel like it.
  11. 32:1 tuners custom machined and piano wire.. it sounded really bassy :-D
  12. http://media.dsc.discovery.com/fansites/bi...de/episode.html You can click on GUITAR there and check out all the specs and pics.
  13. Its on right now (sunday 9pm central). I'm sure its a rerun and will be on again. Anywho.. I find it interesting how 5 people can build a 30 foot guitar in 5 days (well thats their goal anyway)....and yet it takes 7months for one person to build a regular size neck.... Right, Der-...i mean Guys? Funny don't you guys think?
  14. I hope to have something done by then...of course..it all depends on when I get my neck..... *ponders*
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