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  1. I use the stew Mac colortone liquid dyes and mix them with rubbing alcohol.
  2. Definitely! did you scrape/router that edge clean? I find it hard to get a clean edge with dyes. I seal the faux binding area before staining.
  3. I've heard the PBR thing before. I know people that blame hipsters for the rise in price of PBR at bars.
  4. No,but that "type" of barbershop mustache is a throwback,therefore Hipster... I have always associated the term "hipster" with big fake plastic glasses, extremely deep cut v-neck t-shirts, wearing scarves in the summer, and dancy indie rock music. Like I said in the first post, my bands name is Handlebar and this bass is for my friend/our bass player. This is our logo, but there is nothing "hipster" about us, go listen for yourself. Our rhythm guitar player also owns a barber shop.
  5. It's a scalloped nut. I don't believe there is any advantage/disadvantage to doing it, I just think it's one of those small details that makes a difference in the overall look of an instrument. The nut is 3/16" thick. I'm not a fan of the thin slot fender look, so on the two basses I have done, I did them this way.
  6. So is anything mustache related considered hipster? I'm confused....
  7. I wouldn't bleach it if you don't have to. I would search for the whitest maple top you can find. The top on the charcoal guitar I did was 100% heartwood which is why it has a more golden tan undertone to it.
  8. It's pretty simple, you pretty much nailed it with option #2. Step 1-stain black and let it sit for a few hours to be really dry or leave it overnight. Step 2- sand the whole top back as far as you like. The more you sand, the lighter the charcoal color becomes.(the more the "white" maple shows through) Step 3--seal the guitar and spray a few coats of clear. Come back the next day and sand the finish flat. Step 4-Spray the black burst edge with a touch up/color gun and clearcoat over. *You can also spray the burst with stain before any finish is applied, it's personal preferan
  9. Here's a couple pics of the fiber optic side dots.
  10. Here's a few pics of it all together.
  11. Sealed and first top coats sprayed White base coat 4 coats of gold metal flake (.004) over white. 50/50 lacquer/thinner Looking good as is! Purple candy sprayed over white base/gold flake
  12. Cutting 12th fret inlay Fretting neck Gluing neck to body Neck joint smoothed out, ready to route for battery box Arm contour carved
  13. Well it's been a long time(too long) since I have been on the forum here, but just finished a project up and wanted to share. This bass was comissioned by the bass player in my band Handlebar. He has always played standard fender p-bass' and wanted something along those lines, but different. The body design is based off a bass I did a few years ago, but I widend it out for better balance. He is also a fan of MM bases so he requested a center style pickguard. Specs: Body-alder Neck-maple set neck w/ 2 way LMI rod and carbon fiber reinforcement Fingerboard- Indian rosewood 34" scale
  14. I'm pretty sure all PRS does is stain the top blue, let it dry completely(at least over night), and then sand it back with a fine grit sandpaper.
  15. I use the analine dyes from stewmac. Just mix the blue and the red until you get to the color you like.
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