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  1. The scratch plate should be extended all the way down for the jack to be mounted on.
  2. I am sure this aint Draks first rodeo
  3. I think the feather needs a binding inside the edges
  4. I just found this. and they said replace speaker with LEDS LM386 http://www.hobby-hour.com/electronics/lm386-power-audio.php
  5. What???? lol!!!! Anyways good job on the guitar
  6. Interesting, thats the cool thing about swirls. you never know what your gonna get and it will for sure be a one of a kind. I like it.
  7. Go for it I stole the idea also.. I want to do it again and make the cleaner.
  8. Headstock closeup Back of headstock Bodyshot Back of body the whole guitar Another bodyshot
  9. Ok so finally getting back to this a year and a half later. I got divorced and went a little crazy. Did a lot of partying and living like a rock star. Put myself further in debt and now I have slowed down back to reality so gonna finish this thing. I should have it done this weekend and put pictures up.
  10. Wow the carving really made that shape look alot better. Very nice
  11. It does not bend you can buy peices already cut with a curve and then piece them together. Here is some at stew mac so you can get the idea http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Inlay,_pearl/Purfling.html
  12. lay it down flat and pour some really thin red across the edge and then flip it up and let the paint run down.
  13. Do you mean like Rhino Linings? Ouch! that would tear your fore arm up. Very rough stuff.
  14. Ha!!! I didnt say it....I was thinking it...... but didnt say it.
  15. Dont mix brands when using rattlecans. Use the same type and brand for everything. Different brands have different mix designs that are not always compatible with other brands.
  16. When I first saw Batfinks that was it for me ( yeah I am an old 80's guy) but then came along the "shark" and pulled me under. I would come up for a breath of air and had that gold beauty in my eyes and then the shark pulled me under again. It was a constant battle but the damn shark finally won.
  17. Sweet!! as usual. I love the color, very nice.
  18. Uummm..... I will say it again FIND A NEW HOBBY....also there has to be a better way for you to "score chicks". I f I had to wait to finish a project to score a chick my right forearm would be huge. Luckily I never had that problem with the ladies. Think about it, either yourself or the wood ends up damaged, there has to be a bettrer way.
  19. My wife is going to be in Dallas saturday, I would be also but I have other plans, I will be in the gulf of mexico deep sea fishing.
  20. OK so this kid is full of sh*t and is just trying to get a rise out of everyone. Just ignore him.
  21. I have that Milwaukee router and I like it alot.
  22. I think you should find a new hobby, one that doesnt use sharp items. Also one that doesnt require you to ask for advise since you do not use it. I know guys like you, they have ADD and scare me sometimes because they rush everything they do. They also dont listen when you try to tell them something.
  23. Very nice, but do not be scared of necks. they are easier than you might think.
  24. So when do the rock star protests begin? Jimmy Hendrix, Keith Richards, Pete Townsend, the list goes on for destoying guitars.
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