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  1. You can tell a child that there´s no santa claus and he doesn´t exist, but that doesn´t mean you can stop buying christmas presents.I see most of this topic is about how much pickups affect on tone on electric guitars. What then if I play ´em unplugged ? If that´s the case pickups don´t matter at all what they´re kind. That´s where tonewoodoo comes in.
  2. Aside from Scottish dwarfs. What size threaded inserts you would use on bolt neck?
  3. I don´t understand the obsession to use acoustic strings with electric guitar bridge and pickups. And then it´s too expensive to buy proper tuners but it´s okay to spend money on pickups that wont work in first place. Working for a customer for and missing some basic info about guitarbuilding. Whole idea seems kinda amusing to me.
  4. Not only are the bridge angled, the white guitar has a trem bridge with no trem cavity, installed as a hardtail. Very odd. If you look closely the strings are attached into holes which are for intonation adjustment screws. String tension is the only force keeping bridge saddles in place. It took awhile for me to notice.
  5. Unusual construction method indeed. Looks like he glued thinner sheets of plywood on top each other. I also note that bridge saddles are in odd positions on nearly every guitar. Interesting solution as well the use of tremolo bridge on red guitar without spring cavity on the back. hmmm....
  6. It wont be a Gibson no matter how many times you cook it in the butter. Mod like that will surely ruin resale value of the guitar. Buyer might think it´s another cheap chinese Les Paul copy. But I´f it was me I´d look into reshaping the existing neck rather than buying new one.
  7. This is the lawsuit Prostheta is referring http://www.legal500.com/assets/images/stories/firmdevs/atto13961/les_paul_dilution_legal500.pdf
  8. I´m using finger jointed oak laminate for top and back on LP I´´m building. I don´t even want count how many pieces there are. I´´m thinking to have it finished with oil or clear lacquer. I know they call me crazy..
  9. Yup He´s like Bill Murray on movie called Groundhog Day living the same day all over again.
  10. Some time ago somebody showed off his jig. Which was designed for drilling the hole for truss rod adjustment nut on scarfed neck. I remember there was a pick. Just can´t find it anymore. I´d like build similar jig. Can somebody help me out finding the pick ?
  11. I´m not that much concerned about the tone. It is what it is after guitar is finished. Think i´ll just do the chambers first and let the guitar sit for a while to see if it needs back. The idea in the beginning was to make simple guitar which I could finish in decent time span. I guess i´ll have to scrap that idea. My way of doing the chambering would still look better than gibson holy explorer unless I mess something up..
  12. Hi, I was working again with my old explorer project on one day. Glued the neck in and routed pickup cavities. After that I realized how damn heavy guitar is. It was around 4.5 kilos / 11 pounds I think. Right now I´m little bit unmotivated to continue with this build because of the weight. So I was thinking to do some chambering for weight relief. The idea is to route chambers from the back but not through the top. Then finish the guitar as usual leaving the chambers visible. Does make this make any sense ? Are there any manufacturers who do this ? Any thoughts ?
  13. I feel sorry for that guy who does the refret. I cant imagine how someone could glue the frets on accurately enough. must be real messy too..
  14. Hello again, In another guitarforum I was infected by the idea of having similar finish to Gibson BFG on myself built guitar. The project I´m working with ain´t any showcase of workmanship, so I though this kind of finish might be suitable. Mostly I´m intrested about how to carve the top into that fashion. Any tips how to do it ?
  15. you already tried this ? http://forums.peavey.com/viewforum.php?f=25
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