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  1. Thanks for the feedback Postal. I agree that the strings should be further back, but in this case the tom is recessed into the body slightly to acount for the neck angle so the strings have good clearance.
  2. Finally done with this one. Made entirely out of argentine mesquite. The body has lots of small weight relief chambers and this sucker is still quite heavy. This is my first attempt at a burst type finish and I am happy with the results. It was made with minimal cost and parts I had sitting around. Tons of sustane and plenty of warmth with quite a bite to it. What to yall think of the pickup and ring color? I am thinking about changing them. My thought are Nickel covers and black rings
  3. Hello, I have been reading the posts on this site for some time now, but just registered. I am in the process of building my first guitar. This site has great info and has kept me on the right track. The guitar is a strat body out of a laminated black walnut/cherry/walnut blank. It has a set 25" scale neck made of peruvian walnut with a cocobola rosewood fingerboard. The pickup are a set of Texas specials and will have a hardtail bridge. Now to my question... I am almost to the finishing stage and will finish with either a Tung or Danish oil and wax. Can I put the tung/danish oil on the fingerboard as well or should i use something else? Thanks for any help!
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