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  1. Thought that it might have been done before. This one is too dark for my taste, might be the images though. The fretboard doesn't look scalloped to me. You got any more info on this guitar? Perhaps if Herc has done more of them or, if he hasn't, if there have been any specific problems? so long Andreas aka Ace
  2. That's slick, but what does it say on that site? I reckon it's something along the lines of "our credit helps you get that little bit more worth from your money"...if not, I copyright the idea right now :-) On a related note, I suppose Tosin Abasi just contacted Ibanez to make him one like this ;-) so long Andreas aka Ace
  3. I hope you washed those socks before you buffed the guitar :-) But seriously, I've never been a Les Paul fan (the guitar shape, not the player), the strat shape simply epitomizes the electric guitar for me but THIS is pure sex. I want to touch that headstock volute in ways that would probably get me jailed in most countries. Pray do enter this for GOTM. Also: Any chance of soundclips? so long Andreas aka Ace
  4. I'm getting images of a cast acrylic neck with a swirl captured between a fingerboard layer and the neck layer. Ooooooo. Great Prostheta, now you've got me all hot and bothered... Seriously though, using medium jumbo or jumbo frets, I don't know if wear is going to be that much of an issue. But I thought about a full scallop, too. I guess the sanest thing to do would be to take a "cheap" fretboard and use primer along with a basecoat on it, instead of directly swirling a "naked" maple board, does that sound about right to you guys? And while we're on the topic of finished necks, a
  5. Yeah, kinda what the title suggests... in andyt's thread I've seen that the "hangers" he used for handling the bodies obviously got swirled along with the bodies and the image brought an idea into my mind: could you swirl over an entire fretboard (either maple or with a base coat), then clearcoat over it? The idea of course is to continue the swirl pattern of the body seamlessly onto the neck to get an extraordinary (some might say tacky :-) )look. This is more of a theoretical question for me as I've not done any real finishing work so far and as such I see myself swirling anything in the nea
  6. Umm, those acrylic stabilized blanks...coloured, stabilized neck anyone? Or am I missing something here? so long Andreas aka Ace
  7. I really like the "whips/chains", "Yin/Yang" and "red pill/blue pill" ideas. Here's a couple of mine: How about introducing some quantum physics with "Truth/Beauty" Others, some kinda philosophical Bow/Arrow Images/Words Tooth/Nail Impulse/Direction (for those Heisenberg fans out there) Boom/Bang Inhale/Exhale Time/Space Angels/Demons (höly, unhöly) Cowboy/Indian Heart/Soul Body/Mind Ascend/Transcend Them/Us Army/Navy (Yvan Eht Nioj) Kick/Punch Kick/Scream Cosmo/Martini Axe/Hammer Burn/Smolder Thunder/Lightning Joe/Steve T1t$/A$$ Rip/Tear so long ace (diggin
  8. Hey Idch, got a question for you: Was your Johnson Tele neck-heavy in its original state? I hve one of those which I outfitted with red rock tele pups and did some setup work for it and it's a fine guitar for the price but it bothers me that it's so neck-heavy compared to all my strats. I'm not so sure if I shall give it a complete rework or just sell it on the bay... so long ace
  9. (that was basically what I suggested in my first post.... ) so long ace
  10. Hmm, your idea of cutting a wood piece to fill in the cavity bears one problem...where are you gonna put the electronics? Filling in the cavity and then rear routing would be pretty much work I think. Using a pickguard and designing it in one of the ways suggested should give you ample possibilities while still being half way easy to do. Can't wait to see what you're gonna come up with. I would probably nick the "inverse color scheme" off of MzI if I were to build an EvH tribute strat like that. I would first spray the body yellow, put the (black) pickguard on, then do the masking tape job,
  11. A shame that it's front routed so you have to use a pickguard. My idea on the pickguard: once it's on, why don't you take (perhaps even) red masking tape and pinstripe it, continuing the yellow lines. You could even go for a black pickguard (or paint it), to make it blend in more . It's just really distracting from the classic beautiful black/yellow colour scheme in my opinion. so long ace
  12. Sincere Congratulations to the three of you from ol' Germany. I'll have a beer for you guys tonight. so long ace
  13. well, my untrained eye would have guessed for 7even pieces as well but the options on your poll kinda gave it away so long ace
  14. and that's trippy with a CAPITAL T... so long ace
  15. I've read somewhere that you can boil them in (watered down I think) vinegar for like 10 to 15 minutes, dry them and then play them again for quite some time. Never tried it tho. Obviously you don't want too much vinegar and too long a duration... so long ace
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