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    My loving wife who puts up with my crazy ass, Clasic trucks, my basset hounds, the birth of our first child (due in Januray) and of course GUITARS.
  1. Thanks everyone, I appreciate and respect everyones option.
  2. Sorry I have been on for a few days and haven't replied yet but WOW! what a response!!! First I would like to clear a few things. FIRST AND FORMOST THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR IMPUT! AS A NEWBE I APPEREATE ALL AND ANY ADVISE THAT I GET. I was wondering about pine as I have used it to make everything from shelves to tables and was wondering if it would transfer to my "NEW HOBBIE" of guitar making. Since this is my first build I know that I am bound to make a few errors in my work so I was planning on using a wood that I had a large supply of, I don't what to sound like a tree hugger b
  3. OK, I think there might be a topic on this but I searched it and did find the information that I wanted. The question???? Can you use standard Pine 2x8s for the body of a guitar? I am planing my first build and I'm buying the part so I can start in the spring, can any one advise me on this subject. Thanks for any and all info. Buy the way you guys are a god send on information a newbe needs!!!!
  4. I agree, I beleave that having a will laid out "bluebrint" is a great start. I have based my first build on the "beatle bass" I hope it turns out as cool as I think it will. I have uploaded a pic at my myspace page. Is there a danger of the strings being hard up against the body of the bridge with the strings going through the body? The reason I suggested the roller bridge was because it would allow the strings a clear path to the ferrules. I suppose you could move the ferrules further back if you were using a normal TOM Actually I'm studying engineering technologies a
  5. Looks pretty cool so far, don't worry about your first project, I am currently "trying to start my first build" and as my friend at work always says "The impossible only takes a little longer" Keep us posted and good luck.
  6. So since you are using ProE are you a drafter? I am currently trying to build my first guitar I am a drafter which is making things a little easer as I can take something apart and draw it. I am interested in seeing your design. I wish you the best with your project.
  7. I have a Washburn WG208 that has not have any upgrading yet I want to start with the pickups frist and than the plastic nut. I want to have a warm blues/county sound can anybody point me in the right direction as what pickups to use and what matarial to use for the nut. Thanks
  8. I was kinda looking looking at a Washburn xb100, does anybody own one of these? Thanks for you advice and opinons.
  9. I want to buy a bass to learn on, could anyone give any advise on a cheap well made insturment. Thanks
  10. Thank you for your imput, I have to think about the best course here, I will get people posted on any progress that I make.
  11. I have really looked over my guitar so I am familar with the mechanic's. My greatest resource right now is my father, when it comes to working with wood, metal, plastic or just about anything else that can be cut, hammered, glued, and/of nailed he has done it or has forgoten how to do it. Plus he already has all the wood working tools one would need. I have drawn a rough outline of different bodys, (look here... ]http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewPicture&friendID=17414528) I am still playing around with this idea I am not planing on useing and controls
  12. I am new to playing guitar (only a year) but I would love to make a solid body based on the beatles bass, I think this would be a great looking guitar, retro and one of a kind
  13. Hello everybody, I hate to impose and I will fess up if I am wrong, but looking at this from a drafters point of view I would submit the following for discusion. CNC - I can see the benifits of this as you can repoduce the same quality every time a peice is made. The only varing issue is/would be the person finishing the peice. Equals control over an extended period of time. Handmade - While I know handmade peices can be of the highest quality the human error is there and people have different levels of work on different days.
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