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  1. Believe me there was no guesswork in it. I did about a dozen tests with different colors and mixtures over a couple weeks. I ended up with 90% red 10% blue mixed in water and wiped on one coat. Lightly sanded because of grain raising. Two coats of Watco with red mixed in. Then 6 coats of Tru-Oil. Yeah I thought the red strings would be nice on it. Who makes gold alloy strings, I know I've seen them on juststrings.com?
  2. They're active EMG's, the ones with the preamps inside the pups. V/V/T
  3. I like it, that's a pretty cool project. And as one person mentioned it would be great to play it with a slide too. I really hope you're going to give us some sound clips!
  4. They sound great! I did some experimentation with them before doing any routing. lol! Actually there's no volume, it's a pan control. I can add more controls when I sell it, but I never touch a volume on the bass so I left it out. Thanks for the compliments!
  5. for your enjoyment burl redwood top and back mahogany body macassar ebony fingerboard bloodwood, maple, and walnut lams http://www.thorbass.com/images/builds07/6s...one/front1_.jpg http://www.thorbass.com/images/builds07/6s...done/tail1_.jpg http://www.thorbass.com/images/builds07/6s...done/head1_.jpg
  6. Yes, the neck is Ebony, Purpleheart, and Maple. 2 trusses Excellent work, Magni! Just as impressive as the spalt top you posted a while ago, though admittedly with 10 tuners, the headstock looks a bit crowded. How does it balance, with that many tuners on the headstock? And is the bridge/tailpiece homemade? It looks sharp, though I noticed that each set of two is adjustable for intonation, not every string. Again, awesome job It balances ok considering. They are lightweight tuners and half of them are guitar tuners. I really haven't played it much standing up but it didn'
  7. I'm not sure whether I have any progress pics for this. It was started a long time ago and I've been distracted multiple times. I'll look... Yes, they are in octaves. And *no quitting*
  8. Here some pics for your enjoyment... http://www.thorbass.com/images/builds07/10string/back3_.jpg http://www.thorbass.com/images/builds07/10...ng/bridge6_.jpg http://www.thorbass.com/images/builds07/10string/head1_.jpg
  9. They're DR coated strings, "Red Devils". They last longer than regular strings, unless your nut lock cuts your high E string in half
  10. I just completed another project. This is a Tele based guitar (my first guitar) made with my body shape and neck-thru. It has Alembic Tele replacement pickups. Hope you like it... front neck back
  11. Wow, that looks sweet. How did the back lam on the headstock come out?
  12. Wow, I hope the flaws were pretty substantial
  13. Dave, I haven't read the whole thread, but based on your first post and the pics things are looking really nice! One thing I have to say is, I'm impressed by your evaluation of your work at every step. You're taking every opportunity to learn by seeing where your techniques could be improved. Sign of someone that will be making some great instruments Edit: Yeah Bloodwood. I bought a couple boards to make tops from. I haven't cut it yet but it's amazingly dusty with fine red dust. I bet it'll be great fun putting this stuff through the plainer...
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