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  1. hi does anyone know how to print a WHITE waterslide decal. ive been told that the only printer which can print white is an alps printer. ive also tried to locate a store on the net which might print the decal for me.. but the only place i found which can do it wants sheets of 100 which is alot. -dom
  2. Cherokee i emailed paintit but im not saying i dont want someone within driving distance.. i dont mind shipping it.. but i dont know if its a good idea to ship across the country.
  3. thats really close.. do you have his info? a website?
  4. hi does anyone know of a good but not ridicolous expensive artist who could do a design on my guitar? start to finish?
  5. i used some cotton swab to try and touch up a small area of paint which went under the masking tape and when i tried to touch it up, the paint went right to the wood! which didnt make much sense, but i tried to correct it but it turned into a mess! then i tried to sand the body down but the paint is clearly not cured. dry but not cured and making it really difficult to sand down! i need to get a new body now! anyone know where i can get a new jackson js1 body!!! or does anyone know someone who might be able to sand this body down for me for a price? im was using 180 grit sand paper
  6. my first painting job didnt go well, so ive decided to start over. do i have to sand the whole body down again if i plan to use the same type of paints? can i just sand down a bit and re prime it and start over? -dom
  7. hi guys, its come to my attention, should i be filling the grain of the wood with a sanding sealer on the neck before i apply the tru oil or do i just go with the tru oil right on the wood? -dom
  8. material does not resonate at all i dont believe! how could i compensate to still get a nice bright biting sound in the guitar again?
  9. thanks guys! im ordering tru oil as we speak for the neck!
  10. hi all, what type of clear coat should i get to achieve a satin finish on my neck? i am using deft clear coat for the body and headstock but i want to do a satin finish on the neck? thanks -domenick
  11. im not quite skilled enough to repair the headstock so i need to get a new neck
  12. hi, ive started my first build ever. i picked up an jackson js1 on craigs list for 50 bucks it actually didnt soound that bad when i checked it out!! but i took it apart and started sanding it down. i happen to be sanding up on a porch and dropped the neck two stories and cracked the headstock!! now i need a new neck for this thing! can anyone guide me as to where to get a replacement neck for my guitar. or what am i supposed to be looking for.. i was checking out warmoth but they seem quite expensive for a neck and considering this is my first build i dont want to sp
  13. hi ive looked in like 6 different hardware stores around me and no one has deft. what might be the second best alternative for sanding sealer and clear coat? -dom
  14. hi all, ive recently been rethinking my idea of putting a poster on a guitar. what if i were to take a t shirt and make a material finish out of this? do you think this would work? is the thickness of a t shirt fabric an issue? -dom
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