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  1. anyone used any rattle can tinted lacquer or poly ? I need even out the back of a body blank made from some reclaimed mahogany that differs in darkness.
  2. was wondering has anyone ever seen a spector 4x in person? Is the body thickness thinner than a normal bass?
  3. one pick up has yellow and brown the other white and green, which are the hot and which are the grounds? any ideas? thanks so much.
  4. that is from the camera on the comp. I will post some proper pics soon.
  5. here is a flame maple thunderbird. It is flame maple on mahogany . Getting close to being done.
  6. sbskates


    Basses I built
  7. Thats what I thought. I will probably violate all things holy and also poly this guitar instead of lacquer so it has a bit more skin. thanks again.
  8. I topped a tele that has some hollowed out chambers with a maple top. The wood is 1/8" thick now on top, Is this gonna be durable? I usually do 1/4" tops. one of the hollow on the bass side is about 3" across. Really didnt wanna go this thin but tear out forced me to replane argh!
  9. Thanks for the input. Yes I will do the old dye black and sand back then do my red dye to really draw it out.
  10. Bought some curly maple 3/4 inch for a top that had to be carved on edges. Never had this happen but the curl is still in the center but it weakens out then appears in the carve edge again. will some sanding on the top get back down into the figure? Anyone ever had this happen?
  11. I always us e lacquer. tru oil is getting my attention. If you dye wood with trans tint and tru oil it is the finish permanent like lacquer? Is it pretty foolproof to apply? I have a guitar I need to finish before Christmas , I am leaning to tru oil. If something goes wrong do you sand it off ? Just dont wanna get into a mess.
  12. So i am making a few mahogany necks. I have always been a maple guy. Since mahogany wood is so soft does anyone ever drill out the screw holes and put in dowels so the screw have a harder material to hold on to?
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