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  1. Learning stick is easy and even hilly terrain is a piece of cake when you get used to it. Now, the practical issue for me when buying a car is resale value.........here in the US sticks bring very poor resale value unless they are attached to a high dollar sports car which the Yaris is not I'd go auto if you're going to keep it for more than 3 years.
  2. What GEJ said...... Samick's are all over the States....I know because I sell them. Greg B designs for Samick, he does not own them.
  3. Well if that little bit of moderation is going to cause such drama maybe it's best if you do go. We've had our share of it here over the years and frankly (pun intended) we don't need any more of it. Good luck finding a forum that is as loose as this one.........
  4. 9956....it's open again for you. If anyone sees any more problems here use the "Report Thread" link above and we'll take care of it.
  5. This one's done guys. Maybe you can try to get some real advice in a day or two when the troll is gone. Unfortunately he decided to come back on your thread.
  6. That's not saying much for the rest of the membership here including yourself.....
  7. Be prepared for a million questions that are already answered in the ad.......I had a guy email me tonight asking if a Schecter C-1 E/A I have listed has the piezo in it....if he would have read the description (the first two lines of the ad BTW!!) it clearly stated "GraphTech Ghost Piezo". You just have to love people!! It took him longer to type out and email the question than it would have to read one sentence. Shipping overseas is a PITA but I do it anyway. The people in the rest of the world want decent guitars and their prices are crazy from what I've been told. I do about 8-10% of my sales overseas. Check the following link FIRST before you ship anything: USPS Country Listing That gives you the size restrictions on each country as well as a guess on postage. I just charge $100 USD up front and refund the difference from actual once I ship it. Most people are OK with that and the ones that aren't....well, I guess they buy somewhere else. Use air mail parcel post. Surface takes 6 weeks and express is too expensive. If the guy is willing to pay express or wait 6-8 weeks I will do it. There are some export forms to fill out and inevitably you will get the guy that wants you to declare a gift or undervalue merchandise. I don't do it. I insure it for the full amount paid and I state the actual price paid on the export doc's. That's the only way you can get insurance on it at that value and if you ever need to use the insurance you'll be glad you do things that way. They have to pay taxes on that and those can get pricey depending on the country and how much they paid but I still think they get better deals than buying at home. I could ramble on and on but I won't. If you want any more info on eBay or shipping drop me an email or PM.
  8. I'll get beaten for saying this out loud.... Ernie Ball MusicMan bass. Got it, played it, didn't like it at all Its still collecting dust in my studio. I watched a reggae band and the guy was just killing his MM so of course I had to get one. I quickly found it was not meant to be played by the likes of me! Good bass but not suited to this old blues guys style.
  9. I played a Grind for a year or two and it is a great bass for the money. I had some issues with the neck though because it is so thin so I would recommend playing the one you are considering (don't buy one online) and check the frets and neck real well. Another low priced bass that sounds good is the Epi Les Paul bass. Put some decent p'ups in it and you have a great low priced thumper. If you want to spend a few more bucks buy the Vinnie Hornsby Les Paul. I can't stop playing mine! Fender Jazz is also a decent bass and you can pick them up on eBay for a decent price. Lots of good 1x15 combos out there and again it depends on your $$$ situation. I have a Peavey Combo 115 that I am willing to part with. PM me if you're interested and in the US....its way too heavy to ship further than the lower 48.
  10. That vocalist sounds like "The Rawker" that Wes posted about 6 months ago!! Looks like he found a band and fits in real well......
  11. Hellooooo Jehle! Well, hellooooo Jehle! We are all waiting here on PG for yooooooou!! and I even have a dancing llama!!
  12. Come to think of it. Is there a reason to only nominate a few? Why not have more deputys on patrol? ← Nominations are open for as many get nominated Bill. I just put the accepted list up so the same names don't keep getting re-nominated. With that I think you would make a good mod. You have always had positive input on the site and if you're willing I would like to see you as a part of the mod team. Soooooo, I nominate Jehle the banana man if he is willing.
  13. I never was one for effects or pedals but I recently picked up the new TonePort from Line6......I have loaded the software but due to bowhunting season life has been temporarily placed on hold I should get around to playing with it next week when gune season starts and I have to hang up my bow for 11 days.
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