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  1. Learning stick is easy and even hilly terrain is a piece of cake when you get used to it. Now, the practical issue for me when buying a car is resale value.........here in the US sticks bring very poor resale value unless they are attached to a high dollar sports car which the Yaris is not I'd go auto if you're going to keep it for more than 3 years.
  2. I'm a Journeyman Electrician that specializes in programming Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's).......but since working for a living sucks I sell guitars full time on eBay and spend most of my day shooting at the local archery range.
  3. Do a search.... You're right, don't stir anything up so this is the end of story and end of thread.
  4. What GEJ said...... Samick's are all over the States....I know because I sell them. Greg B designs for Samick, he does not own them.
  5. Well if that little bit of moderation is going to cause such drama maybe it's best if you do go. We've had our share of it here over the years and frankly (pun intended) we don't need any more of it. Good luck finding a forum that is as loose as this one.........
  6. Prayers your way IC....sounds like things are bound to get better from here.
  7. 9956....it's open again for you. If anyone sees any more problems here use the "Report Thread" link above and we'll take care of it.
  8. This one's done guys. Maybe you can try to get some real advice in a day or two when the troll is gone. Unfortunately he decided to come back on your thread.
  9. It puts a whole new perspective on the bass.....sweet mellow bass sound. It took me a long time to get one, yours will come, be patient
  10. EMG-HZs... *shudders* Hehe, not a big fan of the HZs... but then again, my 40CS pickups in my Dean are good for one thing: rock. I wanna get some Bartolinis for it... I wasn't a fan either but with a little (LOT) of help from my Ampeg rig they sound just fine!
  11. The jacks are notorious for crackling when you move and as Maiden mentioned the pickup switch could go too. They also crackle when switching. It doesn't happen on every one but I do see it on maybe 20-30% of the Epi's. It's a cheap and easy fix to prevent any issues down the road. My LP bass came with the EMG's and I love them. Nice dark bluesy sound that fits well with the music I play.
  12. Thanks for the plug Gorecki! I missed most everything yesterday since my browser took a dump and erased all my favorites.....strange. The best first modification you can make on an Epi is the jack. Pick up a SwitchCraft or similar for $5-10 and put it on there. You'll notice an immediate difference and probably won't want to change anything else for quite a while after that.
  13. Congrats! You should have bought it from me though and you could have saved another $80 I've been selling Epi seconds for a few years now.....and playing them too. It was the only way I could afford the Vinnie Hornsby bass when it came out.
  14. I think you are confused with the classic "Here comes the bride" song. It is played at weddings though. The summer before my senior year of high school I played in a brass quintet for my band director's son's wedding. We played Canon in D Minor, as well as a few other pieces. But we didn't play it when anyone was walking down the aisle. ← Well, let's see.....out of a dozen or so weddings in the last few years every single bride has walked down the aisle to Canon in D (as well as my wife when we were married 9 years ago).......and NO, I am not confusing it with "Here Comes the Bride".
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