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  1. something is royally screwed with my roland jazz. its a 76 model. all of a sudden after about 2 minutes after turning it on, especially when comping you hear this distortion/hiss thing in the low end especially. I think it could be condensed water. However I have NO idea whats wrong with it. I have 3 gigs in the next 2 months. I need help fast.
  2. thats amazing. props to you sir. thats positively beautiful!
  3. sit with a metronome and slowly work up speed. take it really slow. its better to play it really clean than really sloppy and fast. you should feel your fingers "lock up" between fretting hand and picking hand.
  4. i decided on my guitar finally. its going to be a parker deluxe. after playing 3 of them. the mojo/deluxe/mahogany fly. there really wasn't a difference between the 3 of them besidfes in featurs.i liked the finish on the mojo fly. its got a cool transparent stain sunburst thing going on. and the hype about the dimarzios is just hype. they're not that bad. but they were a little thin so i did some research and i found that ed roman does replace the parkers pickups with dimarzios custom black back pickups. now i did some research on these enigmatic 279 dollar pickups. and i found this disturbing
  5. check out whole tone . thats some weird stuff. it works over a common dom7 chord.
  6. the blues scale just has one passing tone from the major scale. it's not areally a note to be vamped on. however it is good to use in passing.;
  7. oh i understand them. and i understand tensions and how they "code" for scales...etc. i.e sharp 11 coding for lydian because of lydians sharp 4 but i just suck at playing intervallically.
  8. i look at allen holdsworth and metheny and teh way they just basically tell the listener, screw this i'm doing it my way. and go on to a whole tone solo over some dominant 7 chord. its just too deep. sometimes when i listen to those wide fu**** intervals in holdsworths solos i just fall in and just keep going. no matter HOW much theory i study its just hard to fathom whats next. allan holdsworth thinks he sucks. and he hates music. it drives me mad. it also depemds on what genre of music you play. i.e punk rock its all about the lyrics. it all sounds the same. fusion... there are no limit
  9. this is actually very helpful. i SUCK at intervals. however i did just get back from terry syrek and toshi isedas shred class! and i do have some new ideas and know how to improvise through the modes including harm minor. but and one or two of melodic minor
  10. Snork


    i saw oscare peterson. MY GOD It was aMAZING. 30 min standing ovation.
  11. Snork

    how much?

    no camera currently.
  12. even a super high resolution printer is not sufficient to print even a 5 megapixel shot to its full potential. this is why you would take your professional work to a store to print. and no.... there is a difference between an 8 and a 5 megapixel camera. having a cannon s50 5 megapixel camera i can tell you that the resolution is very limited. even with it turned all the way up you can still see the pixels and it can be grainy. no matter how well you tweak the exposure/focus/and post editing in photoshop. note the difference between a manual cameras shot and a digital. manual camera has unlimte
  13. Snork

    how much?

    first off the mods are well done.... because it works. its intonated properly. i fixed up everything. its set up very nicely with medium action. polished off the frets...etc. but i guess i understand about the brand name thing.
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