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  1. Maybe it seems to be a dumb to most of y'all BUT I've looked a little and did not see this addressed.............. I have a Strat hardtail body that someone had stripped (almost) I have to finish the job,,,, then I wanted originally to stain it and do a clear on top BUT after sanding a fair amount by hand I think it's going to take a longgggg time to finish the prepping for that and figured I may be better off doing a regular solid color paint job, like something somewhat close to Fender's Daphne Blue. IF I do this sort of finish do I need to do a clear clot on top OR will just the color coat
  2. great , email me and we'll do the details part.................tkcrabby@yahoo.com include your address and other info and I'll reply with mine.
  3. Schaller Mini Chrome 3+3 locking tuners Like the title says, I have a set of Schaller Mini Chrome 3+3 locking tuners and I would like to trade them even for a set of Sperzel locking Chrome tuners or maybe Fender inline 6 locking tuners or a set of Schaller Mini 6 inline lockers in chrome. As you can see from the picture, these have not been installed and are in their original bags with everything included. trade for the above mentioned tuners OR sell for $50 shipped..........
  4. I do feel somewhat alienated,,,,,,,,,, however it is most likely very true that the ones MOST "alienated" is very likely the ones that would have traded with me and that of course was the reason I began this thread in the first place, so thanks for sticking your nose in and making it so no one will trade. How would you like it if I did the same to you when or if you posted something for sale or trade? Saying whatever it was was not worth what you asked for it and it drove people away from buying /trading for it? I doubt that you'd like it either,,, shame people don't "do onto other's as yo
  5. Strange, it seems to me that in the past I've seen people say the following right here on this forum to newbies, "Welcome to the forum" Guess I'm getting old-timers disease,,, my mistake I guess.
  6. Wow guys,, you'd think I was the devil himself. I was going to put together a single cut out of the Les Paul bolt on body BUT decided I would build another (put together) another Strat , this time for my son, he has an Epi LP but doesn't have a Strat, yet. This neck is made by Larry K as far as I know,, I did NOT buy it from him so I have no way of knowing for sure, that's the reason I didn't mention it in the first place,,,,,,,, I have done one refinish,, and a Tele build (another parts build really with someone here doing the finish work for me) and the same fellow is doing another finis
  7. Hey guys,, I added in the original post that "I would trade even for a set of Fender Noiseless Strat Pickups in good shape.........."
  8. Hey guys, I'll even trade this neck for a Mighty Mite Strat neck with an Ebony fingerboard ,,,,,,,,,,,, I have a Strat I need to finish up. Lets trade!
  9. I just checked and it is a 24 3/4 scale as far as I can deduct. I've had it a while and don't remember exactly what I gave for it..................... if I can't get a "figured" wood neck then I'd consider something else,,,,,,,, you never know what might strike someones fancy,,,,,,,,,,, maybe someone will trade a nicer MM neck for it,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I'd trade it for a TELE or a STRAT neck,,,,,,,,,,,,,, really want one with Abalone dots if at all possible.............
  10. Sorry I didn't think if this , even though it's obvoius to me now.. I'm 99.9% sure it was built by Larry Karosa. He sells a fair amount on ebay.................... I'm at work today and won't get off dutybtill tomorrow so I'll have to make sure about the scale tomorrow but agagin I'm 99.9% sure it's a 24-3/4" scale.
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