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  1. I only use one pedal.. an ISP Noise Decimator.
  2. Pick up Painkiller, I'm sure you'll like it.
  3. BLS


    So you made a thread just to bash Primus?
  4. I'm diggin the Dimebag sticker he has on his PRS.. other than that, pretty boring.
  5. I saw Anthrax May 1st.. with Joey Belladonna on Vocals, Bello back on bass and Spitz playing leads. They played an excellent show and recorded it for a DVD. The pit was amazing, I've been in ALOT of pits.. but I think its safe to say that this one tops them ALL. It was great to hear the old tunes song by Joey again! Judas Priest is a close second.
  6. Seymour Duncan JB.. covers everything from Jazz to Metal. Very articulate, great tone aswell!
  7. Mr. Becker is brilliant... amazing musician and human being.
  8. I have a Zoom 606, I hope the 3000 isent as horrid as my 606. Really cheesy distortion, no really usuable effects... just a big wast of plastic and wires. Decent tuner though.
  9. If you guys like Opeth then check out www.Insomnium.net Its like a mix of In Flames and Opeth. Very good stuff.
  10. Chris Poland did the leads on As The Palace Burns if I remember correctly.
  11. Unique? Laid To Rest is a complete rip of of "Into The Pit" by Testament. I much prefer their earlier worsk such as New American Gospel. Ashes didnt really do much for me, their quite boring live aswell. Uhh.. Thats Children Of Bodom bud. I prefer Unearth than Lamb of God http://www.unearth.tv/index.php But all this metalcore is starting to sound the same, but their are always those that stand out.. Lamb of God is indeed on of them. Just dont bother checking out Burn The Priest (Lamb of God's before the name change) is truly horrible.
  12. http://paintyourownguitar.com/gw1.html Says you can get it a http://www.carcrazy.net/
  13. Keep it, then you can look like Devin Townsend! http://www.metalfrance.net/chroniques/stra...g_young_lad.jpg sexiest man ALIVE!
  14. That looks like Schecter shape.
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