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  1. Thanks for the input guys. I don't think I can do much to the finish aside from refinishing it. I'm just going to ignore the paint blemish.
  2. The guitar is used from a guitar pawn shop Here's the pic http://acapella.harmony-central.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=341006&d=1324172434
  3. Hey guys, I just bought a guitar from the boutique yesterday. It seemed fine until I brought it home then cleaned up all the fingerprint/smudges. Then I noticed there's a paint blemish on the body. Its highly visible when light is shone on it. I have attached a picture: White circle in the middle is just lighting. The blemish is in some kind of 'L' shape. It think its underneath the paint. I cannot feel any texture from it when I touch it. Any way for me to fix it? I have until Monday to return it
  4. I know that Stewmac supplies them, but I thinking about maybe something local, since it may be more convenient.
  5. The guitar is black. So where can I get some of these lacquer sticks?
  6. Thanks for the response. I think I read a guide on Stewmacs on something similar. But how exactly do I do it? And what about the colour? Is it possible to get it to blend with the original colour?
  7. Hey guys, do you think this paint crack on this body can be repaired or reduced in appearance (to make it less noticeable)? If so, then how can I do it? It's a guitar that found on craigslist that I'm considering buying. The crack is on the lower back of the body. (picture attached) Give me your thoughts. Thanks
  8. Okay, I just tried rubbing alcohol. It helped much better than the other stuff I tried, but there's still some residue leftover. I'll give it a few more tries. I'm thinking the pickguard scratches may be accentuating the scuffy parts.
  9. Thanks guys. So far I've tried lime juice (no lemon juice in the house). And I also tried vinegar. Both of them seem to take off some of it, but there's still some weird scuffs and residue. Maybe I should consider polishing and buffing it out?
  10. Hey guys. Haven't been on here for a while! Just asking around for some advice/help. How do I get rid of a scuff mark from sticker that was on my pickguard.. The pickguard is black too.. ugh.. Any ideas?
  11. Guitarfetish GFS. They make noiseless sets for strats and teles using Neodymium magnets called "NEOVIN" Haven't tried them, but there are a few youtube videos of people using them. http://store.guitarfetish.com/pickups.html
  12. i've ordered a couple of times from bezdez in the past. they've got pretty good deals in terms of parts. but haven't tried their pickups i've read from a few sources throughout the net, apparently the pickups they have are Artec? and a few Belcat from what it seems. i'm not really looking for the highest quality either. i'm planning to make my guitars and gear as minimalistic as possible. The cheaper pickups are gonna go into my starter guitar, which is basically my back-up guitar.
  13. where can i buy dirt cheap pickups off of ebay that are decent sounding and good bang for the buck? like.. $20 humbucker.. or whatever.. with some selection.. and don't say GFS/guitarfetish. lol. i wanna know of something else.. any cheap ebay stores that you've tried with good results?
  14. yeah, the original or high-grade SG's are made from mahogany. Though the budget-level SG's might be made from other types of woods. like alder or basswood. but anyway, go with mahogany
  15. Maybe mahogany, since most hard rock/metal guitarists usually use guitars made with either Basswood or Mahogany. Both which are considered "warm tone" woods. Alder on the other hand is more of a "Fender" wood that gives a more brighter sound, but overall is more balanced. Here's a wood guide you can read about tonewoods and their tonal descriptions. http://www.warmoth.com/Guitar/Bodies/Optio...oodOptions.aspx
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