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  1. Just checked conversion rates - you're absolutely right, £40 is about $60 nowadays. Apologies! Roman
  2. They came out of a CE24. £40 would be approximately $80. Thanks! Roman
  3. updated. Will now throw in free post&packaging on all parts! EDIT: Strap now sold
  4. 3x 70’s Fender Brass knobs – very rare! £35 Spanish guitar tuners (3 a side). £10 Ibanez RG 7421 body SOLD Ibanez RG 7321 neck SOLD Dimarzio Clip-lock strap (Green) SOLD Ibanez EDGE 1 bridge (excluding tremolo arm and saddles). £25 Have traded on this forum before and have 100% feedback on ebay with username roman_sub. Thanks! Roman
  5. Hi, I'm clearing house so to speak... Need to pay off my PRS, so need the money and not interested in trades, sorry. Prices INCLUDE shipping. If you buy several items I may well give you a slightly better deal Pickups (all in black and bridge positions unless stated otherwise): SD Custom – with logo, in original box. used for only a few hours in one guitar. £40 SD Full Shred – no logo, in original box. Paint wore off the hex screws in places. £35 SD Alternative 8 – no logo, in original box. £45 SD DD – no logo, no box. Wear and tear on covering cloth. £35 Dimarzio PAF Pro (p
  6. Added Dimarzio PAF Pro in purple along with HS-3 in black. Scalloped neck & tuners sold. Roman
  7. Added SD JB and also parted out 7 string. Thanks! Roman
  8. Links fixed. Boss Flanger just sold =) Thanks, Roman
  9. Hey guys, Lots of gear for sale! Reasons for sale being that I bought a PRS recently, so I need to pay off my overdraft – I’ll be sad to see lots of these things go…. Summary & prices of items for sale: GUITARS: Ibanez RG570 (‘91 MIJ) - £350 (the purple / pink axe!) http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa318/d...disband/rg3.jpg http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa318/d...disband/rg2.jpg http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa318/d...disband/rg1.jpg Washburn CP2003 - £400 http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa318/d.../g-sales053.jpg http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa318
  10. woo! I used a Behringer V-amp II - that was plugged into my computer through the line-in input. I recorded and mixed everything in CoolEdit Pro, and I programmed the drums in Guitar Pro 4 before converting the midi file format into a WAV file. the V-amp is a pain to work with, and is cheap... but gets some good tones as you can see. hell of a lot of work, but I had great fun and hopefully I'll get round to doing some more tracks soon. i'm glad you guys liked it! Roman
  11. thanks guys, i appreciate your time and comments. and yeah... I'm a huge maiden fan!
  12. not sure this is the forum to post this in, but this certainly was a 30 hour project and now its completed.... anyway, I was wondering if you'd like to give me some feedback on a song that I've just recorded. I composed, arranged, recorded and mixed the whole song in my bedroom... It is my first proper composition (and recording...), so I'm quite anxious about people's response to this. please go to: http://romansub.dmusic.com and critique away! I'm also very interested to hear which guitarists/bands this song might remind people of. peace, Roman (feel free to m
  13. hey man, there's no reason why you cant. i practically learnt to play the guitar over this piece.... i've been practicing this thing for like 2 years solid... and still not enough to be able to play it flawlessly on stage... you can do it if you really believe in yourself! Roman
  14. here's the video.... only a 30 sec extract unfortunately... http://s40.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=3HBHT37...VL2W5PXJJLDYAF9 i'm trying to get some better video and pics but no luck so far (these are pictures i could find) http://s40.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1E08B1K...FS3TN0R20INNKAD http://s40.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=22JTZTX...3M1EIFBZZX5M2XN i was using my Washburn EC29 into my Mesa/Boogie DC-10... which you can see in one of the pics... no way was i gonna use the little substanard amps at the front! i think you can hear in the video that it was loud some mistakes in that sec
  15. so how do i post or attach stuff here? i cant see a box for file attachment.. or is there some server taht i can use?? Roman
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