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  1. hey guys.... yeah.. i'm definitely going to make my own mounts.. just assumed that this was a more common occurrence i've never worked with plastic or metal... i'll definitely try ebony from the get go (cause i have some scraps) thanks
  2. Hey folks, so I'm building another solid body archtop, and would really like to put a Burns Tri-Sonic pickup in the neck position, but am not using a pickguard... I know that stew-mac sells mounts for strat and tele pickups, but they're flat metal, and i think that the tri-sonic is wider (edit: just did a double check and it wouldn't fit, and certainly wouldn't arch!) Does anybody know where I could find a humbucker/minihumbucker/ style mount that would either be uncut in the middle, or would fit a burns tri-sonic pickup? if it's not invented yet, could someone invent it? haha thanks a
  3. I thought all specials had that extra wood in the cutaway area. I feel kinda sad because to me a lp special is one cool guitar, but I'm glad you like it now. and welcome to the guitar building world. Hey Hector, thanks, and just to let you know... I love Les Paul Specials... I love p90s.. I wouldn't have done this on any guitar that hadn't already been hacked up!
  4. Hey Folks, it's been a long while since I've stopped by... and I wish I had more pictures to share... In about 2002, I purchased a hacked Les Paul Special off of Ebay... the p-90 pickup cavities had been chiseled in order to fit humbuckers... and well... it didn't end up fitting either! Humbucking pickups would just end up falling out while I was playing. Another problem I had, was that it was a 98 model Special, and that year, they had adopted an earlier design in which the cutaway never actually meets the neck... so upper fret access was a little hard. Well... In December of 2003,
  5. nice. so my plan now is to keep it in some hot water... then try and shape it as fast as i can... then use a heatgun on low for the parts that didn't take shape
  6. Guys, once again... thanks for all of your replies! you definitely gave me some good ideas! This website is the best thing that ever happened to the internet!
  7. Man... dig this: I bought some good old fashioned really big cream les paul style binding from stew-mac... and i can't seem to get it to shape right I steam it... which makes it bendable... but for little curves, like around the cutaway, it doesn't want to listen. please help me if you can!! thanks i hope this makes sense..it's 3:30 in the am! is there a binding tutorial anywhere on this site? I liked John Tironne ( or Fisher?) 's tutorial on binding with pvc... but i payed good money for the stew mac plastic!
  8. oh yeah... just wanted to say that I used big pieces o solder and twisted them into words... and I also filled any gaps between the solder and the edge of the engravings with my mom's pink nail polish! I'll let you know how that goes... heh EDITED: the nail polish thing was the worst idea ever!!!!
  9. Thanks Paulo for your excellent tutorial on how to make metallic inlays! I gotta say that it helped alot!! hahah I just finished engraving my name down the fretboard of my " signature Les Paul!" Also: I think I used a somewhat heavier grit sand paper (100)...and it looks cool! Like brushed metal! anyway, I'll try to post pictures if ever I get a hold of a camera thanks again!
  10. aaayyyy nice! ya, can't tell you the colour cause the two pics looks different!... but whatever it is..it's NICE!
  11. Well... I wouldn't look at fenders for that price...cause their low ends are kinda cheapies... Although, I'd hate to say it...my first amp was a Peavey Rage, and it did me wonders...it was only 15 watts, but you can hear it over the drums... Mind you..if I had to do it all over again, I would find something second hand, that was louder and had more natural distortion... (ps. I don't know if it is possible to go wrong with Marshall... although I haven't really heard their lower end stuff)
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