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  1. I had thought that a Jamma board would simplify things over a Raspberry Pi setup, but you're not giving me a lot of hope here...
  2. If you're just wanting to make 2D templates, then something like Inkscape would work. It's a free vector drawing software similar to Adobe Illustrator, which is what I use.
  3. Here's my 'gDola-1', a guitar bodied mandola. Top Wood: Redwood Back and Sides: Locally milled Cherry Fretboard: Bloodwood Headplate/Backstrap/Finger Rest: Macassar Ebony Finish: Shellac and Tru Oil Build Thread: Video (recorded prior to the finishing process, obviously): Pictures:
  4. Thanks guys. A few 'better' finished pictures. They don't really show off the contours as well as I'd like, but so be it. I don't have the mental energy to do anything better. Really glad to have this one done...
  5. No glamor shots yet, but I got her waxed and buffed, pick guard mounted, and everything reassembled. I'll let her settle in and see how the setup is and see if I need to tweak it. I had a couple of screw ups assembling, so it was a frustrating night, but I guess I should just count it as 'vintage character' since I was going for that feel anyway...
  6. You say that, and yet I've finished enough instruments to know it's not as easy as you make it look!
  7. Man, I wish I could produce finishes like you! Always been very impressed by them.
  8. Yeah, that would be really cool , but I don't know how I'd manufacture that out of titanium. There's another competition mid April, and I've got a whole bunch of small tweaks for the next version of the robot, including using carbon fiber for the chassis plates.
  9. This build is wild, I like it. And I especially love the tweed.
  10. Thanks guys. I still have to put the last coat of Tru Oil on the neck and get that and the back and sides rubbed out before I can mount this, but I decided to go ahead and get the pickguard/finger rest ready to be mounted. I went back and forth several times about how I wanted to attach it over the course of the build, and I've ended upgoing with a very traditional mandolin method. I glued a scrap piece of ebony to the back side. The leading edge of the ebony is actually sanded at several degrees of angle so that the finger rest will slope down slightly away from the strings. I glued a co
  11. Looking forward to watching this one progress! Last year I bought a full sized arcade kit with a Raspberry Pi 3b. It was a good learning experience to build and configure everything. I'd like to build one from scratch with a Jamma board one of these days though... It's 'on the list'...
  12. Gus Gus is a control bot. The plow is designed to break horizontal spinners and keep vertical spinners from getting any bite. It's worked quite well through these first few competitions. It's also got a really fast and powerful drivetrain usually used in larger bots, so I'm able to push other bots around, another means of control. So I can break them, pin them against the wall, push them around, and eventually hopefully push them into the 'pit' area, which is a corner of the arena with a 1" wall that you can push other bots into. They have a 10 second countdown to get out of the pit or it's a
  13. Thanks guys. Really, really, really hoping that this was the final coat of Tru Oil for the back and sides. I am extremely ready to get this thing finished and move on! I thinned the Tru Oil down even more with naptha than I often do, trying to get really nice flow out and hope it smooths itself. I was about 1/3 oil to 2/3 naptha on this coat. Don't need a thick coat here, just need to get the sheen even everywhere.
  14. Got through my robot combat event and got back to working on the mandola. Sanded the runs out of the back and sides and need to put on a really thinned out coat of Tru Oil and see if that will be enough to call it good. Then I sanded the top and the front of the headstock from 2400 through 12000 micro mesh then polished with 3M Finesse It and Meguires Mirror Glaze. It's not perfect, but I think it looks pretty good. It has a nice shine, but it still manages to look thin, showing just a tiny bit of the grain through. And that's pretty much what I was going for. So, g
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