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  1. Hmm....I've spent a fair amount of time looking around the net and seeing what is available, and honestly I had not thought of this guitar being particularly 'tele-like'. If anything I was going for a 'Wolfgang' style look with fairly simplified and geometric horns and a little bit of forward motion in the tail end. I initially duplicated a wolfgang shape and then shifted everything slightly in illustrator and removed as many 'anchor points' as possible in the horns to see what would happen. Eventually I achieved a constant radius through the middle of the two horns that gave a simplified and I thought rather pleasing design. Certainly a tele wasn't my goal in this particular design, as I already have one of those and don't need another. But I do appreciate the feedback, apparently you've hit on something that I didn't see in the design visually. Maybe i've been staring at my tele for too long. Another thing that the rendering likely did not convey is that, if I think it is reasonable to try given my relative lack of skill, I may go with a carved top look, more like a PRS.
  2. Sorry, apparently since I converted my original file from an illustrator file it was saved in CMYK format rather than RGB and photobucket really really did not like that!!! Fixed now.
  3. Hello All, I've been lurking here for a few weeks. I am really quite the newbie when it comes to woodworking and luthiery in general. I am currently working on taking an old mexican fender telecaster and stripping it down and adding a flamed maple veneer and re-finishing it. I thought that this might be a good introduction to this particular genre. A little background on myself. I have a degree in Industrial Design, so i've made a number of models and worked with my hands a fair amount. However, in spite of my desire to do so for a number of years, I have never really found the time to actually focus on building my own guitar. In school I was more focused on completing projects rapidly rather than in learning craftsmanship or doing a particular technique in the 'proper' way. So, working with wood and all the necessary techniques to excel at building guitars are slightly beyond my previous experience. I thought this project of veneering and refinishing my old telecaster would be a good introduction into guitar building. I'm finding that it is far more involved than I ever imagined!!! Anyway, here is a mock-up that I did using Illustrator and Photoshop of a body design that I was thinking of doing for my first 'real' project. I'd love to get some feedback on it from some of the old pro's. I'm thinking a Koa over Mahogany body, perhaps using a Warmoth neck. (At least for my first time out of the box) All the hardware would be black or black chrome, if I can find it. This is where i'm at right now, but a semi-hollow body with some interesting or striking sort of f-hole in the body is not out of the realm of possibility. Again, I am a total newbie to this world and any feedback anyone might have to this design would be much appreciated. Thanks!!! Guitar Design 1
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