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  1. I was wondering how one would go about fixing this? I am not a real expert but I can do simple things. Could I take it to a music store to fix it? and how much might that cost? Thanks. http://i209.photobucket.com/albums/bb251/d...111310508_o.jpg
  2. Well I was going to buy some spray lacquer for cars from my brothers work(O'Reillys). How do you know how much lacquer thinnner to add before sprying it out of the gun? Do you have to thin automotive paint?(I am thinking I am going to use auto paint). Also before I put the primer on I put a grain sealer, then primer, then paint color, then lacquer right? And I am pretty sure of this but I thought since I already made this topic I would throw it in. You just use lacquer thinner and spray it through the gun between coats right?(gravity gun) Thanks.
  3. Ok I believe I got this down...I searched and found some painting tutorials but none(that I noticed)that fully explained it. If there is could someone give me the link But I have never painted a guitar only natural finishes. I am going to use a gravity feed spray gun with a 1.5 tip...I know 1.4 was suggested but I didn't think it would matter much, or would it? So first I would put grain sealer, then primer, then paint color(auto paint?), and then lacquer or poly right? Thank you
  4. I don't mean to up this but I would think someone would know this. And I have tried searching.... But "nut" is only three letters so it won't let me...Thanks...
  5. Is there a way to get scratches out of plastics sort of pickquard material? Could you just buff it like you would with lacquer working up from different grits of sandpaper and then using swirl remover? Here is what I am working on...
  6. I am working on the tele bass and the neck I have needs the nut to be replaced...Whats the best glue to glue it to the neck? Also is there a specific depth or height that I should notch it at, such as how high above the fretboard. I know Stewmac sells these measurement things but I dont know how high it is supposed to be.
  7. No I am not using a guitar bridge...I am going to probably use the bass bridge on Rickenbackers...Thats why I need the plate separate from the bridge, like in the picture....
  8. I was wondering if anyone knows of where I can find the chrome plate on a tele where the pickup fits into, at the bridge area? If you know what I am talking of. I am attempting to look into building a bass tele and I can not find the plate seperate from the bridge(considering you can't use the bridge that would be attatched since I am making it into a bass). The Bigsby kits for a tele have the plate independent from the bridge but I cant find the plate anywhere else, and I dont want to buy the Bigsby kit just for the chrome plate...are they even made or would I have to attempt to make one by
  9. Hmm good points. So you can use any pickup as a bass pickup, or are there certain models that you know of that would work, maybe some examples? I would want it to look as close as possible to a telecaster...and I would be painting it so I can fill any holes that may be unsightly before I paint it... I am really exited about this one and want to look more inot the pickups. Thanks
  10. I dont have all the equipment to make my own. The money problem . I will figure something out. It usually works out for me that way, and if it doesn't then I will just have to problem solve.
  11. I was interested in maybe ordering a telecaster body and fixing it to make it a bass. I was wondering if anyone knows any bass pickups that would fit in the telecasters pickup cavities? Also if possible would fit the chrome cover that goes on the neck pickup. Thanks
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