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  1. i was thinking of some alternative finishes to use on a guitar and i was wondering if water based acrylics work on wood. also, are there any problems i might run into using them? and can i use a standard polyurethane clearcoat? or do i need to use something special? thanks in advance Jacob t.
  2. yea, see, thats the weird thing, the surface of it was actually really rough, its how the nylon (they're made with nylon stockings as a cover over a wire sculpture) reacted to the paint on it, and the weird part is the oil paint only kept the marbleized look on the really smooth parts, it was on the rough bits where it screwed up
  3. yea, i used black rustoliem spraypaint as a base, and i didnt really do much surface prep, no sanding really, and those oil paints are pretty cheap so maybe thats the problem... i was thinking of just getting some good art grade stuff and trying that, i'll get it eventually i suppose, and my school's buying all the supplies so thats a plus.
  4. ok, so i tried some test pieces today and i had problems, the paint seemed to just run right off the piece when i pulled it out of the water, so it prettymuch destroyed the swirl i was just using standard rustoliem oil paint, and i put the maximum amount of borax in the water that would fit, and the paint spead out pretty quickly when i dropped it in. i didnt let the water set after i mixed the borax in, im not sure if that screwed anything, and i didnt use warm water, and the surface i was applying the swirl to wasnt flat or very smooth. so, does anyone know what went wrong?
  5. ok, thanks alot everyone, i did see the tutorial in the tutorials section, thats what inspired me in the first place. anyways, if i get this to work right, i'll post some before and after pics. i have a good feeling about this one ~jacob t.
  6. ok, so nobody has any idea on how to do a swirl? because ive done numerous searches and have only came up with a little knowledge outside of what i had. for instance what type of base coat should i use? would rustoliem rattle can work? after its primed of course? and will the oil paints stick to the acrylic im using for the sculptures? seriouslty folks, any help/insight/thoughts will be helpful at this point
  7. hey everyone, i have a question (duh), how do i go about the swirl technique? i know the whole water prep with the borax and all, but im talking about, how do i actually dip my object that is to be swirled? is it done fast or slow? basicly, i need to know anything and everything outside of the swirl paint article on here. why you may ask? i am going to be finishing a few sculptures and my strat with this swirl paint job, im going for a good psychedelic feel to it. so what are your thoughts, im sure there are many thanks in advance, Jacob Triffo
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