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  1. Really enjoying watching the craftsmanship here, hope the supplies arrive on time.
  2. So many inspirational guitars have come from Japan, the white with black and gold design looks especially awesome.
  3. Yep, the danger of getting invested in watching a build on the forum, the fade away thread can be a traumatic experience
  4. Yes, went right through it, I am now using it as a low pressure clamp I love cognitive illusion photos
  5. Deepening the fret slots at the outer regions where the radius shallowed them I used my incredibly sophisticated slotting jig on the high notes that were looking like worn tires in places It didn't take too long Next step, implanting the pearly dots
  6. That is a great looking Explorer body, the knots are very subtle, I like them, they show the connection of the guitar to nature.
  7. Maddie usually looks self-assured My favourite Seinfeld epi is The Bubble Boy, really enjoying Ted Lasso at present. Today I made a neck following fretboard edge sander, two bits of wood screwed together, On the underside, an 18 mm wide strip of 120 sandpaper stuck on upside down, so it follows the maple part of the neck without sanding it, and a piece the right way around to sand the rosewood and used that to take the last slivers off the fretboard sides This is the first time I have made a neck to fit an existing neck pocket, usually it's the other way around, at the moment it fits snuggly but not tight enough to lift the the guitar up by the neck without screws, I am hoping after the finish goes on it will be at that stage. Now to make those fret slots the right depth
  8. Gladys would look good with purple hair like that, perhaps she will see the image and give it a go. All good here except we are all missing live music badly and chatting to each other over face time. Todd Sampson recently put out an amazing documentary called Mirror Mirror which looked at anxiety over body image, I don't know if you can watch it where you are but here is the link in case https://10play.com.au/mirror-mirror/episodes/season-1/mirror-mirror-s1-ep-1/tpv210909rwesf we need more pastoral care for young people to help them navigate their way in this world, more of the village approach. I found some left over 0.4 mm thick maple veneer, that should just fit onto the headstock Here is Gladys and Kerry without any Photoshop, they look fantastic, very stylish
  9. Beautiful blueburst and great offset evolution of the Tele shape.
  10. No worries, you and everyone are welcome to ask any questions. The answer is simply every now and again I like getting out in the open air and shaping wood using hand tools. A little 7 mm strip is nothing, except for the edge roundover, the entire periphery of this guitar body was shaped by hand, no template, no router. Try it sometime, so relaxing actually feeling the the guitar take shape, this is why I am so envious of Scott's awesome skill with the chisels. Got this close to flush today Next the edges get sanded perfectly straight and flush on glass Good news for us in lockdown in Sydney, our state premier Gladys Berejiklian and Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant are easing restrictions for double vaxed people. This is Gladys and Kerry after an Instagram makeover. That agave is nice isn't it, it's an old and big one, I have got some younger ones propagating, I hope you can get your garden going, have you tried agapanthus? It's very hardy. I got some time on the banana lounge this afternoon, this was one of the songs on my play list. it rocks
  11. I got a lot of the excess fretboard off today, I marked out on the top what had to go and started rasping, Got to about 1.5 mm from flush and started sanding with a block and 80 grit to make sure the plane was at 90 degrees, and alternated between the rasp and sandpaper Got one side flush so far
  12. What a beautiful blues loving lizard, this is a good omen for your guitar
  13. I wonder if a fretboard is trimmed to the same taper as the neck and then radiused with a block, is getting an angled rise sanded in because the block sits lower on the narrow headstock end than the thicker body end. Are you shooting for a fretboard edge that stays the same thickness all along the neck? Google says a 12" to 16" compound radius should do this, I have not checked the maths. Cheers AD, I am going to try that technique, it makes sense that there is more grip on the neck than there is on the sanding beam. Sounds like those blocks would be perfect to use in the technique above, after the work that would have gone into making them it's good that they were still useful.
  14. That fretboard is now 7 mm at the apex, using a thinner fretboard is a good way to shave off a few mm when going for the uber thin neck, ESP/LTD have used that approach, they make very nice guitars, Yes it is going to be interesting to find out how a different neck affects the sound, the way the strings resonate and sweet spots on the fretboard. Those singing and blooming notes are a great way to start a solo or take a pause with a sustained wail. The old neck is mahogany finished with a really tough coating, it's now sitting in a drawer.
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