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  1. Fantastic and positive use of the old skate board decks and the guitar looks so cool
  2. G'Day Mate, for you and everyone here on the forum who has carved pieces of wood, joined them together, added strings and played a tune on the result here is another view of the Rubber of Affirmation, and for those of you who haven't take the affirmation anyway and add, "you can do it"
  3. Glued up the scarf joint in the rock maple, next step is flattening and squaring off some of the headstock sides and making the wings.
  4. Cool telies, they are binging the mojo, the Marauder pick up is going to sound phat in there, and those pick ups have a great look to them. I have this in the bridge posi, Yes, DW's Marauder looks like it has a custom pick guard with the humbucker added, his mother gave him that guitar as his first electric. Yes some single space humbucker rails (like the one above) can give a massive output for passive pickups and get close to the Metallica, pushing the preamp sound. The advantage with them is they will clean up nicely when they are turned down with the guitar volume, u
  5. I cut down the piece that makes the back of the headstock/half the front of the headstock and got it ready to route about 4 mm off the face and shaved it down The ruler said it was just over 16 mm thick now, pretty close, there's some room for sanding.
  6. Like you do, I will be ripping the tape off the channel before putting the fretboard on, you are right you would need a ridiculous amount of glue to flood into the channel to gum up the rod, which couldn't happen as the top bar of the rod fits tight against the sides of the channel. Those Allied Lutherie rods look nice, I got mine from Australian Luthier Supplies. I think Gibson Marauders have a traditional rod , but I have never tried fitting one of those. And I will not be buying a 1970's Marauder truss rod cover those things cost over $100. To get me hyped, I am listening to Deryck Wh
  7. The way I test rods is to put the end in a clamp and wind the rod with an Allen key, in 2 way rods test clockwise and anti-clockwise. That rod is all OK it's going to live to be a hundred years old and get a letter from the Queen on it's hundredth birthday On the topic of truss rod installation it's amazing what you see on the internet how to pages, one site I saw recommends putting tape over the channel when applying glue for the fretboard, so far so good, but the site recommends leaving the tape there and put the fretboard on! The other great story I have heard (I do not know if
  8. I can picture Nikki Sixx playing the red one
  9. The design looks great, I'm looking forward to seeing this progress
  10. Cheers, it's always good to try new ways of doing things Very true, I think that people who don't like scarfed necks just do not understand that the scarf joint performs such an an advantage in strengthening the headstock to neck transition zone. This slimline 6.2 mm wide truss rod arrived yesterday, I have used one of these before, they allow the thinnest possible channel from the neck through to the base of the headstock, therefore causing the least weakening of the headstock base possible.
  11. That is a beer hammer A must have for the man cave
  12. Cheers, it worked well, scarf joints seem to be one of those things where there are lots of different ways to do it. It's funny, I still run into people that think a scarf joint in a guitar neck is a bad thing. Still, companies that don't do scarf joints in necks with angled headstocks keep guitar repairers in business so bless them! Great idea to use dowels on the outside that will get cut away later. In a headstock located scarf joint that was going to get covered in veneer or laminate, the dowels could be put in the area to remain, to become part of the joint. The oth
  13. I often think that it is good to take a pause at stages in a build and decide what are things that should be fixed and what are natural tiny imperfections that are what makes a hand made instrument so special.
  14. https://www.notreble.com/buzz/2021/03/01/bass-of-the-week-ajrguitar-mods-swift-triple/ what an innovative and gorgeous instrument, your customer will be the envy of everyone who sees it.
  15. Today it is absolutely pouring down with rain in Sydney, good day for mucking around on my project. I used some scrap radiata pine and tried a new way for me to glue a scarf joint using a glue clamping caul. I first wrapped my caul in greasproof paper and put some more paper on the bench. Then put some glue on the long neck piece. Rubbed the glue over the joint plane and clamped it to the caul. Then put some glue on the short piece joint plane and shoved it in the wedge, Easy, everything is squared up, no trying to align a
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