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  1. I saw a post on this forum of someone cutting for a scarf joint using a hand saw completely freehand and that was inspirational, but I knew that I did not have that kind of skill. So I designed the jig, yes, from scratch, here are my plans, my mistake placing of one of the dowels is crossed out and repositioned to where it should be. Who knew that trigonometry would come in handy some day. I have started sanding the joint faces using this home made sled One done
  2. No I am 'finishing' a guitar I made about 13 years ago, I made a Marauder style body and put a premade neck on it. Now I'd like a a blonde neck on it with a flying V style head stock, and this is my lump of clay.. I had to look up what a diddley bow was, this guy plays one well You know Scott, I think the same way, if you find a nice piece of timber it inspires you to try and make something musical and/or beautiful out of it. Here it is in the scarf jig. Half way through First cut finished
  3. Nice piece of rock maple that has been sitting in my basement for a few years.
  4. Something like this works a treat and won't break the bank
  5. Always great to chat with you Scott and nice to see someone mosey along the build pathway enjoying the journey
  6. You are welcome Mike, the forum is such a wealth of expertise and support, great to meet you, you will get so much lasting pleasure from your new guitar
  7. Fantastic features on the guitar, it also looks and sounds gorgeous
  8. Always great to see and hear a guitar getting played at the end of a build and that one sounds fantastic
  9. That is an awesome guitar, so many cool touches, my favourite is the headstock, front and back and the fact that the whole thing is so metal, rawk and roll.
  10. Looking fantastic. such great mahogany, Total shielding of the cavity makes such a difference to reducing extraneous noise, especially at high gain and volume. What sort of music is going to be played on this guitar?
  11. Yep that fretboard looks inspirational, when the guitar is finished the inlays are just gonna influence you to pick up the guitar and play, beautiful work
  12. Absolutely beautiful Scott, that is an awesome guitar, it won't be long until string up, what is the first song you will play on it?
  13. So much soul in this guitar Scott, I love it. It is amazing the difference a one piece top makes, just don't put a guitar with a book matched top too close to it, the book match will warp up with embarrassment
  14. That is looking fantastic already, your nephew is going to be the envy of all his friends when it is finished. I haven't heard of Norway Maple before, I like the grain.
  15. Unique and beautiful, very satisfying to get the vid at the end of the build
  16. Yep this is a masterpiece, love the creamy coffee swirls in the grain and contours and the evolution forward from the Ibanez inspiration, beautiful work.
  17. That is an amazingly beautiful guitar, great evolution beyond the PRS design and after looking at the pics I had to go and get a cappuccino and a caramel slice
  18. The emergence of the modernistic guitars really was a golden age, I like the look of your plan and I am looking forward to seeing some sawdust
  19. Loving this build, the guitar is turning out looking so natural, earthy and gorgeous.
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