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  1. Im a machinist by day, amateur luthier by night. Im running a CNC mill (Haas VF3) at work and was wondering if there was anyone kind enough to donate their program for a guitar body. any direction in this regard would be most appreciated.
  2. That about sums up what i needed to know. Thanks a lot
  3. Im planning and laying out my first project and wasnt sure if i need a neck angle for a floyd rose bridge. Its one of those cheap "Licensed by Floyd Rose" ones.
  4. Hello everyone, im new to the forum and guitar building. And i think I just made a mistake and bought this piece of wood off ebay. And the reason its a mistake is cause when i got done putting in my bid, i realized it said "Curly Soft Maple" Do you think this peice will sound like dung ontop my mahogany body? http://cgi.ebay.com/CURLY-MAPLE-13-16-x-7-...1QQcmdZViewItem
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