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  1. Hello lads, I have done some research and I need your confirmation/comments etc Fender quitars (even the Squirers) sound like 'the' guitar- like the bible being 'the' book (analogy) Washburn guitars sound like 'a' guitar but aristocratic. Hohner guitars sound like 'a' guitar. The 3 were my subjects tested. I have a feeling Leo Fender (Fender creator) had in his task list the idea to make an ultimate guitar sound-wise, body etc. Lads please help me out on this topic Thanks in advance
  2. Hello guys, I was wondering if an unbranded pickup, say 3 unbranded pickups in a strat. be good, decent enough to use at a professional level or even playing at church? What do the manufacturers mean by 'unbranded'? Could it be that the pickup sound will be different/original/uncommon? Are there great unbranded pickups in the market that sound better than the branded ones like Dimarzio, EMG etc. Please hurry cause am confused on this issue. Thanks in advance. J
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