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  1. Through various circumstance changes we had to re-allocate rooms in the house which gave me the oppotunity to build a work bench in what will become a workshop come storage area. The bench is made from 3x2 with 25mm mdf top (flippin' heavy) and is 2400mm x 800mm (8 foot x 31") with a shelf underneath made from the remaining mdf ( originally 8x4 sheet.) The corner support pieces will be glued to the top and then screwed into the frame, And the front 120mm Apron was glued to the frame which really stiffened up the whole thing. Everything else is screwed. In the 3rd pic you will see three dog holes in the vice face piece which accept the dowels from the Ash strip in the 4th pic, this enables pieces to be secured whilst planing. I installed the vice 25mm below my original plan due to brain fog but it works fine. There is a lot of room to add other components as and when I think or see something I like. And it was finished with three coats of Patina.
  2. I have just finished building my workbench. I will start a thread on it with pics, have you got any pics of yours?
  3. Thanks @mistermikev I shall compare with the other measurement I have and the Fender info that @Bizman62 posted Cheers guys
  4. Thanks guys. I have another Bass, with the same body but Spalted Maple top 32" scale length. And a walnut Six string with Black LImber top. Plays really well, nice action on it
  5. This has been finished for some time so some pics......
  6. Here is a pic of a 34" scale that I built a few years ago. I am looking to do the same. @mistermikev If you could measure it that would be great.
  7. @Bizman62 Thanks for the link the intonation paragraph is interesting. What I failed to mention and is another reason for wanting the measurement, I intend to route out a small section under the saddles and place in there a copper strip 2mm thick. Then glue on the top. When I then attach the saddles the screws will go through the copper strip which will be grounded .
  8. @Bizman62 Thanks for the reply I have built a cople of 34" one with a fixed bridge and the other with individual, I like the look of angled individual saddles, so rather than the saddle adjustment take up the difference angling the bridge/saddle will take up a little. I am just looking for an easy way to get in the ball park.
  9. I have one answer to this question, but would like a few more if possible before I go ahead and install the single saddles on a Bass build. The scale lenght is 32", I would like to know the actual strring length from nut to the saddle break point on an intonated Bass. In mm or imperial thanks
  10. I have used that method with a traditional bridge, but I couldn't cope with seeing the grounding strip inbetween the individual saddles
  11. Novel use for old guitar strings.......very easy to push through the channel to the control cavity
  12. Thanks for the reply's guys. I have just de-soldered every thing and checked as I re-assembled and it is still there. It is more noticeable when the volume pots are turned up full. It has a MM humbucker at the neck and a Jazz at the bridge, Two volume pots, one 3 way switch.. The only thing which was constant in the re assemble were the jack socket and lead, and I am 100% certain that it isn't the lead.
  13. I have this finished, ......but there is a problem with the sound. There is a slight hum and a ticking noise when any metal part is touched. It's not too obtrusive but nonetheless it is annoying. I have changed the pots, de-soldered the pups one at a time and re-soldered every joint several times. The only thing I haven't done is change the pickups as I have no replacements. When I took it to my local music shop they tested everything and no fault could be found. Ant ideas?
  14. Grain filled with Black acrylic paint, and test fit of the tuners.
  15. Fret slots are cut, slots received a slight bit of relief to facilitate better sitting and removal just in case. Also a few coats of Danish oil.
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