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  1. For a guitar build I'm designing with a buddy (he's got a woodworking business and I'm giving him some ideas to play with), I'd like a hollow-body. However... I've sort of fallen in love with the idea of a heavily contoured and ergonomic guitar. I'm thinking something along the lines of Myka Guitars (and eventually I'd like to save up for one of his, it just hasn't been in the cards just yet). But I'm looking at something that's got that seamless sort of flow, and I like the look (and presumably the feel) of his that are one-piece backs that just curve around without any edges. So my que
  2. Good points. I'm less obsessed about it than I was. There's so much more to dwell on. Now I'm about ready to rough-cut the body, I'll make a neck template first and then rough-cut the neck. I suppose I should probably add the cavity routes to my template for the controls & wiring sometime too. Hopefully I can get that done this weekend and then I'll work on my pickup & neck angle jig. -Cheers
  3. Hey Scott, thanks for the best wishes. I've spent some time on your build #3 progress thread (nice work on that one, by the way). It's given me some good ideas. But yeah, I'm going to take the consensus advice and go w/ play #2, leave the template alone, and just chill out. Thanks for well wishes on the familial addition as well. It's our second, so I'm more nervous about the guitar than the baby. Thanks anyway. -Cheers
  4. Here is what I've got planned. I got plans for a Les Paul, and my copy of Make Your Own Electric Guitar, however my intention is to give it a contoured neck heel rather than a total clone. Pretty much the guitar idea I posted about here: http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.php?showtopic=45994 It is going to be a 24.75" scale LP-style with a fat neck, Mahogany neck & body, flamed Maple, Rosewood board with split-block inlays (I'm buying the fretboard premade, don't feel comfortable with my ability to do inlays quite yet), and a stop-tail. I'm planning a long full-width-tenon thro
  5. What is the best way to plan that sort of a contour out? Not to be dense, but are there templates or tutorials for that? My apologies in advance if they exist and I've missed them. I have my template made, but it just has the normal squared neck heel (for now). -Cheers
  6. Maybe one fairly specific question. If I just round the treble-side of the pocket ala. the aforementioned designs like an Axcess, Myka, or Feline neck joint, should i reinforce the neck with carbon fiber? If so, where, just the area directly in & above the joint? I'm guessing doing it the whole neck would be overkill and change the overall sound of things. -Cheers
  7. I'm planning your basic single-cut LP-style guitar. It's not a clone, but pretty standard specs relative to that style of guitar. However, I'm looking at having a contoured/blended heel. I don't really shred, just melodies that sometimes get me high up the neck. Basically, wondering three things: 1) Tenon: Should I plan on doing the tenon to be full-width so it matches the width of the fretboard all the way through? This being so any contouring of the neck joint would not break through to the tenon. Any pro's/con's of traditional tenon vs. full-width? 2) Neck joint: Any thoughts
  8. Sure. I'm really just looking for approximations at this point. I know I could probably throw together anything and it might come out one way or the other. Still, some combos seem to have a history of being more successful in general than others. So sure, I know that with electronics & EQ I can account for a lot of stuff, but voodoo or otherwise it gives me a place to start. It also apparently gives an excuse for puns. -Cheers
  9. I think that the neck would be too slick (presuming you peel it?). Plus, seems like the action might be kinda mushy. I also think something with more fiber & protein would be better, although "ripe banana" probably has that nice relic'd look right out of the box. Maybe. Force of habit. And why not use EVIL wood while we're at it? Not every guitar has to be GOOD. You need the Yang to the Yin. Yeah, but rubber cement would capture the element of childhood. Totally cool for capturing Mojo. I think. -Cheers
  10. Good point. It's going to be a double-cut to boot. Yeah, I guess I am hoping for a chimier/livelier/less-muddy(?) tone than a LP (or alternately warmer/fatter/thicker/rounder-chime-than-a-Tele-or-Strat tone) but with the playability of the bigger scale and double-cut design, not to mention the looks of the aforementioned hardwoods . But yeah, it could end up being brighter a/o just different than I want. That said, I do have a standard LP-design guitar that I really like and it's not going anywhere so it's not like I'm particularly lacking for that particular tone. True. I guess I
  11. So I'm trying something new (to me). I'm planning a 25.5" (Fender-scale) set-neck. For aesthetics (largely, plus smoother feel w/ an oil finish) I'm planning on a flamed-Maple neck w/ laminate stripes, done in a thick-neck (because I've grown to like the feel of thicker necks and a bit in hopes it might get a thicker tone than a thinner neck). I'm also thinking of an Ebony board because of the looks and feel. What I'm not sure of is what body woods to use. I'd like to use a nice curly Maple top. However, I'm not sure what would match with that for the body-back. I would like to do som
  12. I have a guitar in the works, pretty much a variant on the Super Strat, it's a PRS shape, no trem, with a Charlie Christian in the neck, Strat-type middle coil, and a humbucker for the bridge. Sounds fine so far, eh? My questions revolve around how to wire it and what type of pickup selector to use. First & foremost, I want something I can easily use whatever pickup(s)/option/etc. Functionality is important not because I plan to speed-shift a dozen pickup or in/out-of-phase changes in a song, but just because while certain features seem kind of cool to have around, not if it turns
  13. Good to hear. I'm thinking set-neck, possibly bolt. I'm mainly a set-neck guy although I do like the Strat-style I just got. My hope/rationale was that the set-neck would help get a more Gibson/LP-esque sort of rounder top end with the longer scale w/ brighter Bubinga w/ Maple-striped neck would add some chime and note definition. Which I only bring up o put in perspective of the whole build. I also have a set of Mahogany for a neck & body so I am also asking because I can either make an all-Mahogany out of that, or mix and use the body blank for a Mahogany body with this Bub
  14. Makes sense. Sounds good. More than likely. Thanks for talking me down. I'm just trying to think through the variables. As an aside, nice Baritone guitar. -Cheers
  15. Another quickie on this; will the fact they're 5-piece laminate necks make much difference in the stiff/brightness of the sound (and if so by what margin)? And thus body considerations (i.e. that I should get a warm body and ditch the idea of a maple cap)? -Cheers
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