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  1. And so I have started making a binding jig. I used the plywood margin I made earlier that holds the guitar flush, glued some poplar sticks on the side with some washers and screws and it now is stable and ready to go under the router bits. Next stop: making a base for the hand-held router.
  2. Did the bridge pup route. Tried on the TVs but I think I will go for the radiator buckers for a more Gibbie feel and more split/parallel/ series options...
  3. Hey thanks so much!! I hope she turns out to be as I imagine her! Twangy, yet warm with a vintage-oriented sound! Before I start building a binding jig I figured I would cut frets. This one will sport a zero fret as per many oddball guitars!
  4. Thank you so much for your kind words! The people from this forum have helped A LOT with this project!! The top is on! Closing the box! After careful alignement I used fish glue which has a longer open time to glue the top on!!
  5. Yesterday I tried to continue with the aluminoum bridge construction. Needs more work but I think I am slowly getting there!
  6. The glue worked great! The bracing seems stiff! Time to plane it! All set! Next: drilling for the switch and pot holes..
  7. Ok so I tried my luck with hot hide glue for the kerfed bracing glue-up. I warmed everything up and it seems to fit tightly! If it succeeds I will use the glue for the neck joint too!
  8. Finished with the shaping of the bracing. I will try to use hot hide glue to glue it on! Fingers crossed!
  9. So I made me a DIY go-bar deck eventually , because the ceiling thing was not practical at all. Started sanding the bracing and tomorrow maybe I will glue it on!
  10. I like how the kerfed bracing works!! Bendy!! I will try to sand it to perfection!
  11. I cut the opposing “f”-hole. ..and I used your advice and made a dowel pencil marker! Thanks - again!! Worked quite noicley! Afterwards with a little help from my local cabinet maker the kerfed bracing was crafted! I will use maple rods as go-bars! (Anchoring at the low ceiling). For now... Haven’t glued the bracing , yet , just trying out the go-bar thingy.
  12. Thank you! I may want to try a little gibson-esque kerfed binding after all! I guess the same principles apply more or less!
  13. Ok so the second plate is finished and I am fiddling with the f hole shape... After I figure out how to do the bracing I will glue it on!
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