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  1. Wow! What a nail- biter that was! I can’t believe it! Thank you guys so much! It was a long time dream to make “guitar of the month”! Congrats to everyone for their tasty creations! I will continue crafting with even more dedication to it! Thank you, again!
  2. Hey there! This is The Corona Bird! You can read all about the build process here: specs: 1-piece obeche/ayouz body and neck construction Bigsby B5 vibrato black reflector knobs Black plastic pickguard with Silver Onion logo Black plastic truss rod cover encrypted as “The Corona bird” Traditional curved single acting truss rod with maple cap Switchcraft 3-way toggle switch Switchcraft long jack Belden/ vintage pushback guitar wire Emerson Pro 500k long split shaft pots
  3. Ok! Here is the final chapter of this thread. A clip of sounds! Enjoy! Hope you like the tones!! https://youtu.be/7pGeOfrZ8_4
  4. Thank you so much! I appreciate it! I am making a small video to showcase the tones I can get from this fun axe!
  5. Ok, so this summer is a little difficult as you all know, and I had a lot of things to do in my medical practice plus a new project that is on its way. Anyways, I came up with a Silver Onion guitars logo. That is my Greek name and surname translated to English - roughly. So I dug with the dremel diamond straight bit and sprayed some silver nitro on the grooves. That gave me the finished result of this guitar! Enjoy! Final sound clip coming soon! The specs of this guitar can be summed-up below: 1-piece obeche/ayouz body and n
  6. Love them so far! Very sleek and accurate/ sensitive. No gears, they just screw down and they stay put. Very intuitive design. ...and now I got a spare gold set.... gotta think carefully, if I am going to start a new project!
  7. Hi! After a long time the correct Steinberger tuners arrived and I think the guitar is almost complete. Now we need a headstock logo and a pickgurd tattoo!
  8. So the Steinbergers arrived and they seem superb... but they are gold... I really hope the original parcel shows up eventually even after almost two and a half months.... Will string her up and make a final vid !!
  9. Hey thank you so much! Feels great to share my hobby with the community! It is like I made myself a gift and I love it! Waiting for those Steinbergers to arrive, they should be here by Thursday. Great customer service by Stew Mac , I just have to say! They will be gold , everything else is on backorder, but I guess I can change them to nickel in the future, when/ if things get a little better with the planet. I sure regret the title of this thread, requesting permission to change it... Thank you very much! Glad you guys dig it! I do, too! I had my worries with
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