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  1. You are right! I will have to arrange a photo-shoot! I will try and get a video done soon so you can hear how it sounds! I love it!
  2. After 3 days of intermittent tomfoolery with the electronics…. the result is…. NEW GUITAR DAY!!! new guitar day!!
  3. I desided to give a sharper edge to the compnsated bridge for better sustain. Charis of GMI Halon hardware advised me to. Look them up they are GREAT!
  4. Did the final buffing and I am ready to install the wiring octopus!!
  5. hello again! Thank you so much! I have some pics scattered in this thread of how this bridge was made. It was basically carved out of a piece of 7075 aluminoum. I rough cut it with a saw then drilled for the post holes then did a lot of filing and …here we are! I love how it rings and it feels wonderful playing with my right hand! It is sleek!
  6. Home-made Compton aluminum bridge almost done! Filed to compensated distance for better intonation! Sounds snappy but full.
  7. As you can see I went with the filtertrons…. TV hones classic set. Haven t done the buffing yet. The finish looks blurry in the pics.
  8. Put some strings on! Screwd the bridge on! Liked what I heard!
  9. Hey thanks so much!! Thank you very much!!! I made the nut and installed the trem. Everything seems lined - up! This thing is loud man! I wonder how it sounds plugged -in!
  10. Not much of free time for me this summer. I am letting the nitro dry. Meanwhile I levelled the frets and installed the zero fret. Made the waterslide decal. Designed the oval paper label.
  11. See through metallic blue ! And a little teaser.
  12. I liked it too... maybe on the next build!
  13. Thank you!! I went with the moto “less is more” while spraying it on!
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