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  1. Wow, that info is gold! I have made a mold out of maple and not exactly a cap but a rim rather. I will use the vacuum bag and then press the rim at the edges. The yoga mat idea is really nice! I will see into that!
  2. So naturally I have another question! A friend of mine tried titebond to glue the lams but they kind of cracked as if they were wet. I read Gibson used pressure heat and some kind of industrial glue on their 335s. Any ideas on what non-hydrophylic (hydrophobic?) I could use? Thank you!!!
  3. No problem , I asked because I didn t know! I only made solid body guitars up to this year, never had anything to do with laminates and I am just learning things as I go. As far as I knew I would stack three laminated on one another without changing the direction of the grain. That would be interesting! ... not! Again thanks for your help!
  4. Wow! Great info! Thanks! My lumber provider told me that they are rotary cut- which is ok I guess. They will go in the middle, so no connection will show. (However I try for it to be as perfect as possible, I treat it as if I was glueing up a soundboard , which it technically is!). I will ty to plane it thinner then to reach my goal of 5.5mm thickness. Thank you so much for your info, big help! I appreciate it!!
  5. So, I tried my top mold today with the vacuum bag, without the glue... Wow ! Seems to work quite nicely!! I will put and press a rim around to make sure the pressure is right and I will try to use hot hide glue... we shall see!! I tried to find some cross-grain pieces but I couldn t find big ones in my inventory. I will use two piece lams for the middle, I hope that will be ok, if I glue them tightly! How is that middle part’s grain? Am I moving on correctly, or do I have it all wrong?
  6. No, I think bending the pieces on a maple carved top will count as a three dimentional, right? So that is what I will do and hope for the best!! I will put two radiator cover buckers in there to make it more oddball- esque. A 6-in-line headstock and maybe some over the top switching options like out-of-phase and on-on-on switches with series-single-parallel options. I also have a Duesnberg Les Trem that I would like to fit behind the bridge maybe using a sound post.
  7. Yes, that was very informative!!! Thanks a mil!! So , to get things even more clear, should I put the middle piece of wood with the grain perpendicularly to the grain of the previous lam? Thanks again!!
  8. So hi, I was thinking of making a hollow guitar for the first time. Looking to approximate the likes of the guitars Auerbach of the black keys uses. Something of a cross between a Harmony and a Custom Kraft maybe. I started by building a mold, bending the sides and making the kerf. Then I bought some maple lams. They are approxiamtely 2mm in thickness maybe a little thinner. I made a carved top out of maple. And an mdf bracket. I will use a vacuum bag to merge the lams. So I have a couple of questions... Is it imperative that I use cross gr
  9. Wow! What a nail- biter that was! I can’t believe it! Thank you guys so much! It was a long time dream to make “guitar of the month”! Congrats to everyone for their tasty creations! I will continue crafting with even more dedication to it! Thank you, again!
  10. Hey there! This is The Corona Bird! You can read all about the build process here: specs: 1-piece obeche/ayouz body and neck construction Bigsby B5 vibrato black reflector knobs Black plastic pickguard with Silver Onion logo Black plastic truss rod cover encrypted as “The Corona bird” Traditional curved single acting truss rod with maple cap Switchcraft 3-way toggle switch Switchcraft long jack Belden/ vintage pushback guitar wire Emerson Pro 500k long split shaft pots
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