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  1. Thank you all so much!!!! It was such an honor to be guitar of the month!! Thank you also for the great advice you guys provided me with all this time!!! I enjoyed this build so much! So much stuff I have not tried before! Armaan , you have a great talent! Keep ‘em coming!! Hope to see you all soon again on a future build!! Thanks again so much!!!
  2. Thanks to all for voting for Stella! The Sabbatical was a hard opponent! You have my respect chancellor! Yours does not seem anywhere near a so-called “first build”. You are very skilled! Great quality!!!
  3. Thank you all so much!! So here are the two sisters: Stella and Danae! (Danae was featurred in an older build thread). Those are the names of my two daughters.
  4. Hello! This is Stella! Made from home-vacuum-pressed maple laminate plates. The thread of the build is here: A big thanks to all you guys for all of your insights! Here is how the guitar sounds: Specs: TV Jones Classic pickups Home-made 7075 alumunium bridge Duesenberg Radiator trem Maple/maple/maple vacuume crossed-grain pressed plates for top and back Ebony fretboard Pearloid inlays Zero fret Fret nibs 24.625” scale 12” radius Korina neck with scarf joint 6-in-line tuners Master Vol Neck Vol Bridge Vol configuration Switchcraft 3-way pickup selector toggle. Gretsch 3- way mud switch .0047μF and pio .022μF 3 switches for phase -off - out of phase bridge series split parallel neck series split parallel Enjoy!
  5. So here is how she sounds like! LOTS of options!
  6. Hey thanks all! Difficult summer so far, with so many things happening all around.. Anyways , a friend of mine took tha guitar for a spin and liked the out of phase sounds very much. Another one took some more professional pics. Youtube video coming up too.
  7. You are right! I will have to arrange a photo-shoot! I will try and get a video done soon so you can hear how it sounds! I love it!
  8. After 3 days of intermittent tomfoolery with the electronics…. the result is…. NEW GUITAR DAY!!! new guitar day!!
  9. I desided to give a sharper edge to the compnsated bridge for better sustain. Charis of GMI Halon hardware advised me to. Look them up they are GREAT!
  10. Did the final buffing and I am ready to install the wiring octopus!!
  11. hello again! Thank you so much! I have some pics scattered in this thread of how this bridge was made. It was basically carved out of a piece of 7075 aluminoum. I rough cut it with a saw then drilled for the post holes then did a lot of filing and …here we are! I love how it rings and it feels wonderful playing with my right hand! It is sleek!
  12. Home-made Compton aluminum bridge almost done! Filed to compensated distance for better intonation! Sounds snappy but full.
  13. As you can see I went with the filtertrons…. TV hones classic set. Haven t done the buffing yet. The finish looks blurry in the pics.
  14. Put some strings on! Screwd the bridge on! Liked what I heard!
  15. Hey thanks so much!! Thank you very much!!! I made the nut and installed the trem. Everything seems lined - up! This thing is loud man! I wonder how it sounds plugged -in!
  16. Not much of free time for me this summer. I am letting the nitro dry. Meanwhile I levelled the frets and installed the zero fret. Made the waterslide decal. Designed the oval paper label.
  17. See through metallic blue ! And a little teaser.
  18. I liked it too... maybe on the next build!
  19. Thank you!! I went with the moto “less is more” while spraying it on!
  20. I went with a metallic blue nitro spray. it is kinda see-through! I think I like it ! Need to scrape the binding!
  21. Hello again! Thank you! The ingredient seems to be a silver dust of some kind. Not very bumpy actually, there will be of course clear nitro over this , so it will look more three-dimensional I hope.
  22. Hmm tough decision! I thought I should go with something blue -ish... Tried the blue metallic nitro spray and it is see-through... might use that maybe in a sunburst fashion. I sanded it off but I might give it another go...
  23. Black metallic for the sides and back of neck! Love the contrast!! front and back yet to be decided!!
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