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  1. Is it possible to dye a white one completely black?
  2. I noticed alot of neck aren't painted, is it some kind of obvious reason I'm missing? I want to paint my neck completely black, everything except for the metal frets I want to get it black and shiny like the old ESPs, anyone know how I can achieve this?
  3. http://www.guitarbuildingtemplates.com is not an option since I pay 50 buck shipping for a 50 bucks template
  4. EMG 81 for the bridge and a EMG 85 for the neck, best metal pick-ups IMO
  5. I'm making a necktruh with 2 pick-ups and a floyd, but any template should so if it's half decent
  6. I did some research and I only need help with the routing and the neck, I'm going for a Neck Thru Body but I'm not sure how it works and how I'm also nto sure how I'm supposed to get decent inlays. Another problem is that I don't have a router and I don't want to buy just any machine, any suggestions? EDIT: getting the flyod rose in will be a difficult task to but I have lots of scrap wood to practise on
  7. Add some triangle inlays and that's the most beatiful guitar I've ever seen (besides My Alexi-600 ofc ^^)
  8. Having the guitar made that way by ESP will set me back another thousand, I'm gonna buy a DJ-600
  9. I searched and searched but did not find any guitar with that things I want, the only option is adding those things
  10. I plan on buying an alexi-600 from ESp but the problem is that it only has 1 pick-up and 1 volume switch, is it doable to add a neck-pickup, a toggle switch, a volume know and a tone for each pîck-up? I'm quite a noob at he configuration of guitar electronics and I don't feel 100% confident about drilling holes in my guitar :s Neck-Thru Body / 25.5” body: Alder neck/fingerboard: 3-Pc. Maple / Ebony nut: Locking / 42mm neck shape: Thin U fret inlays: Sawteeth frets: 24 XJ binding: White (N/H) hardware: Black tuners: Grover Floyd Rose pick-ups: 1 EMG HZ H-4 want to add a EMG 85 for neck and replacing the HZ H-4 with an EMG 81 electronics: 1 Volume, I want to add: 1 volums, 2 tones and 1 toggle switch Can anyone tell me how to do this? I would greatly appreciate it.(Live in belgium, so don't point me towards american guitar shops)
  11. Thanks, I'll edit it once I'm home and see if I can get it playable
  12. Since I live in belgium I pay about 90 dollars worth of shipping for a neck and a body =P And because I want to try and make it myself since I want to do it all from scratch and I might as wel go truh all of this since I intend to build more guitars if I like it =)
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