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  1. Is it possible to dye a white one completely black?
  2. I noticed alot of neck aren't painted, is it some kind of obvious reason I'm missing? I want to paint my neck completely black, everything except for the metal frets I want to get it black and shiny like the old ESPs, anyone know how I can achieve this?
  3. http://www.guitarbuildingtemplates.com is not an option since I pay 50 buck shipping for a 50 bucks template
  4. EMG 81 for the bridge and a EMG 85 for the neck, best metal pick-ups IMO
  5. I'm making a necktruh with 2 pick-ups and a floyd, but any template should so if it's half decent
  6. I did some research and I only need help with the routing and the neck, I'm going for a Neck Thru Body but I'm not sure how it works and how I'm also nto sure how I'm supposed to get decent inlays. Another problem is that I don't have a router and I don't want to buy just any machine, any suggestions? EDIT: getting the flyod rose in will be a difficult task to but I have lots of scrap wood to practise on
  7. Add some triangle inlays and that's the most beatiful guitar I've ever seen (besides My Alexi-600 ofc ^^)
  8. Having the guitar made that way by ESP will set me back another thousand, I'm gonna buy a DJ-600
  9. I searched and searched but did not find any guitar with that things I want, the only option is adding those things
  10. I plan on buying an alexi-600 from ESp but the problem is that it only has 1 pick-up and 1 volume switch, is it doable to add a neck-pickup, a toggle switch, a volume know and a tone for each pîck-up? I'm quite a noob at he configuration of guitar electronics and I don't feel 100% confident about drilling holes in my guitar :s Neck-Thru Body / 25.5” body: Alder neck/fingerboard: 3-Pc. Maple / Ebony nut: Locking / 42mm neck shape: Thin U fret inlays: Sawteeth frets: 24 XJ binding: White (N/H) hardware: Black tuners: Grover Floyd Rose pick-ups: 1 EMG HZ H-4 want to add a EMG
  11. Thanks, I'll edit it once I'm home and see if I can get it playable
  12. Since I live in belgium I pay about 90 dollars worth of shipping for a neck and a body =P And because I want to try and make it myself since I want to do it all from scratch and I might as wel go truh all of this since I intend to build more guitars if I like it =)
  13. I'll go with the expensive way then
  14. That has got to be the most bad-ass guitar I've ever seen.. *drools*
  15. I noticed on the tutorial that you glue 2 pieces of wood together for a body, can't you just use 1 big piece? :S
  16. Yeah, we're probably making the upper wing smaller so it's playable
  17. Me and my friend intend to build our own guitar and have made a crappy first design, could anyone tell me if this is possible and if it's doable since neither of us have built one. I was thinking of: scale: 25.5” body:alder neck:maple fingerboard:Ebony inlays: custom M's and an X with arraws at the ends on the 12th fret pick-ups:EMG 81(active) set tremelo: Floyd rose(this will give us lots of problems) electronics:volume,volume,tone and 3-way switch So tell me what you think: (please ignore my lack of photoshop skills.)
  18. Thanks, I'll go out and buy that book tomorrow
  19. Because I want to get into building guitars and I want to "merge" some of the things I like from different guitars into 1. One of the reasons I'm taking the body as an RG is that I didn't find any mesuraments from other body types I like, think it's possible for me as a total novice to make a decent guitar from a body where I don't have all mesuraments of? Because I've been thinking of making it V-ish or explorerish body-wise but it seems nearly impossible. And I meant slayer, metallica, megadeth, Children of bodom etc..
  20. Sounds like a pretty much standard RG though... For your questions, you probably have to make them a lot more specified. Help with tuning knobs?...what sort of help do you want? Same with neck material, what sort of help are you looking for. Maple is fine and is probably the most common neck material. Use the search feature and your questions will probably be answered ten times over. I just edited some of it to make it more clear, but they're not all meant as questions, some of'm are just specifications
  21. I'm a novice at the making of guitars, I was wondering if anyone can tell me wich things I need if I'm making a guitar from scratch with a normal jack, EMG 81 pick-ups, 1 volume,1 tone knob and 1 knob for switching between a bridge and a neck pick-up(with the option of using'm both at the same time). I have no idea what kind of things I need or how it works. a linkto a guide or just telling me yourself would be EXTREMELY helpful
  22. I'm gonna build my first guitar soon and plan on making most bad-ass guitar I've ever played. The Neck fret inlays? I was thinking of silver triangles but other ideas are welcomed to. (please note that I'm a complete novice and that I'm not sure if I can do this, any HELP would be nice ) -Wich wood for the neck? I like the tone and feel of maple but any help/suggestions would again be nice -Tuning knobs? Need some good looking black ones that aren't total shite, some names/pics would be useful -fret width? 25.5 I like alot -How many frets? 24 -What type of head
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