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  1. Rio Jakaranda är Rosewood. Rosenträ är något helt annat
  2. And also a PG member Actually its cut with a vinyl cutter/plotter.
  3. Sustainiac controls... Neck pickup volume is a push/pull for on/off, neck "tone" is push/pull for mode and the pot is for the "gain"
  4. Another LP Body: Mahogany/Maple Neck: Mahogany with 2-way truss rod and 2 carbon fiber rods. Neck Construction: set-neck Fingerboard: Rosewood Electronics: Sustainiac Stealth Plus Pickups: Duncan JB Bridge/Stopbar: Schaller / Gotoh Tuners: Steinberger gearless tuners Finish: Nitro
  5. Upgrade! I put on bobbin toppers and a switchplate, I think it looks better now. Another picture I also recorded a coversong with it Listen here
  6. Thanks for the drawing, one of the better ones I've seen!
  7. Hmmm, I don't know, it was 22 mm Maybe 7/8"
  8. I made a "photoalbum" with build pics. Here
  9. Thank you! The pickup rings are maple (dyed black) with pearl "dots" and binding w/b So... you "found" the rest of the pics I have the build documented here: http://www.fagerlund.biz/pics/vitlp/images/1.jpg Replace the "1.jpg" to 2, 3, 4 and so on Some carving pics there.
  10. Specs: Body: Mahogany / Maple Neck/fretboard: Mahogany/Rosewood Gotoh stopbar, Schaller bridge, Grover tuners SD Jeff Beck bridge pickup (coiltap with push/pull tone pot), GFS Vintage ´59 neck pickup. What else... 25.5" scale, stainless frets (jumbo, 6100) Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture
  11. Yes, and they will send me a new one.
  12. I bought the stewmac nipper after years with the dremel. After 4 frets this happened:
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