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  1. Sustainiac controls... Neck pickup volume is a push/pull for on/off, neck "tone" is push/pull for mode and the pot is for the "gain"
  2. Another LP Body: Mahogany/Maple Neck: Mahogany with 2-way truss rod and 2 carbon fiber rods. Neck Construction: set-neck Fingerboard: Rosewood Electronics: Sustainiac Stealth Plus Pickups: Duncan JB Bridge/Stopbar: Schaller / Gotoh Tuners: Steinberger gearless tuners Finish: Nitro
  3. http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.php?showtopic=16958
  4. Ofcourse you can enter the bocaster, I like it Ooops, no replies here, entries only, better enter a guitar then... Ok: Alder body with a light flamed maple top, Maple/bubinga/maple neck, Stainless steel frets (I love them!) Ibanez Edge, Rio Grande BBQ bridge pickup ibanez V7 Neck pickup. SOUNDCLIP
  5. Huh? I havent laughed once in this tread, no pointing fingers either. I have posted in wrong places but I asked for it to be moved when I saw my mistake. >newbie bashing - sorry, I dont understand what that means. And.... I'm not here to score any points? I was just wondering why this is in the "tutorials" section of the forum. Maybe I thought one of the mods would get the "hint" I'm sorry that I replied in this post, I mean this is not the first "post in the wrong section" and I'm sure its not the last. On the decal issue, I still think it's wrong to put a Jem (or whatever)
  6. Ahhh, so this is a tutorial on.... nah, I still dont get it Just for the record, I'm with Perry on this one, I dont understand why you would want a Jem decal on the guitar, if it was me I'd strip the paint from the head and put "my" name on it, after all that work, why do you want to let people think Ibanez made it? Be proud of it and put your own name on it.
  7. My question remains unanswered, In what way is this a tutorial?
  8. No, really... correct me if I'm wrong but I thought this section(s) was for posting tutorials and stuff, NOT asking questions that fits in other sections. But as always.... I could be wrong
  9. sounds strange to me... I ordered an upgrade chip for my pod from Line6 (I'm in sweden, L6 USA) I had the envelope after 3 days.
  10. This was an easy choice I thought (Scott's dinky) until I saw Litchfield's new pics... But I had to choose one so... Scott got mine. Good Luck everyone!
  11. Ohhh.... I am in the easy group... Myka have made one of the most beautiful guitars I've ever seen, and those bindings... I did not vote for my guitar... Good Luck everyone!
  12. Why is this topic on page 2... BUMP OK, when I'm here bumpin I might aswell post an entry for may... Alder body, maple neck, rosewood fretboard fretted with jumbo frets. Ibanez edge tremolo, EMG / Select pickups. The "inlays" on the head and fretboard and the cavity covers are some kind of acryllic (spelling?) plastic.
  13. Very nice guitars, all of them. But I had to choose one so... Drak got my vote
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