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Found 4 results

  1. I built my first guitar a few years back, a hollow-bodied bass inspired by the discontinued Rickenbacker 4005, and have been itching to build a 6-string ever since. I recently took a fancy to the Gretsch 5622 but figured I'd have a go at building one, with a few twists, again inspired by my love of Rics. Hence, the concept for the Gretschenbacker came about. Essentially, the tail is to be profiled in a Ric 330/360/4005 style with a chromed tailpiece. The sound holes are to be more in keeping with the Ric cat's eye shape instead of the Gretsch flavor of the 5622. Probably the final Ric influence will be twin low profile truss rods. The rest of the guitar including body silhouette, neck and headstock shall be more reminiscent of the Gretsch. The electronics, including the pickups, shall also be genuine Gretcsh Instead of a traditional arch-top build, I decided to route out the hollow body from a solid chunk of maple... or rather 2 chunks of maple to achieve the 17" wide body. I also had the thought of increasing the depth of the body to approx. 3" without really considering if I could lay my hands on a router bit that would plunge to that depth. Luckily, I found one and it's on its way as I type. In the meantime, I've planed and glued the body halves and cut the rough profile. I've also spent some considerable time recreating the "Mickenbacker" tailpiece from my first build. This time, I'm using brass instead of steel to make life a little easier. Progress so far is documented in the photos below...
  2. In my ongoing build post, "The Gretschenbacker", I make reference to my first and only completed build, "The Mickenbacker", a homage to the long discontinued Rickenbacker 4005. Once I realized that I could never afford the $10k+ it would cost to own one of these beauties, I thought I'd try my hand at building one. Strictly speaking, it's not a direct copy and I took artistic license with a number of design cues and dimensions, hopefully without compromising the essence of the original. The slideshow of the build may be viewed on the link below...
  3. As with many others, I have been lurking around these boards for a while, but have never posted. I have been trying to learn while planning my first guitar build. I am planning a Danelectro style build for my first go, since it is a fairly cheap approach and I don't want to sacrifice a lot of expensive lumber to my amauturity. The design is a somewhat retro semi-hollow body inspired by both Danelectro and Rickenbacker. There it is as both a single and double pick-up design. My approach here is to make a fairly versatile sounding guitar, that centers more around jangle than dark. Because of this I have a bit of a weird idea for the "single pick-up" design. That is to use a Seymour Duncan P-Rails for the bridge, then to wire it for a second pick-up, using an acoustic soundboard transducer as the "second pick-up", with the ability to blend the two with a 3-way switch. The P-Rail would be controlled through push-pull volume/tone knobs. What I am not sure of is the difference in volume output between an electric guitar pick-up and the acoustic transducer and if the difference would make this idea a non-starter. Here are my template designs for the body. Option 1 was my first approach, Option 2 is if I want to get crazy with this acoustic transducer idea. Here are my drawings for the neck: Specifications: Body: Plywood core with either MDF or finish plywood veneer Neck: Maple, bolt-on, 25.5" Scale Fretboard: 21 frets. Poplar. I got some from my neighborhood finish lumber place. Would that work? Bridge: Simple Hard-tail, similar to a Dano bridge. Other Hardware & Electronics: I recently stumbled upon the estate sale of a dabbler in the guitar arts (sad to think about), but I now have boxes of hardware and pots, etc., along with a several of the tools that were already on my wishlist. Like I said, I have never built a guitar before. I have been reading and watching videos for a few months now, working on the design, and collecting some tools. I would appreciate any comments if you see anything that stands out to you. I am still getting my garage organized and plan on taking a "stay-cation" at the end of January to really take a good crack at the neck. Until then I will be practicing on some sacrificial wood.
  4. been gone for a while-life/work/children had me quite busy. Glad to be getting back in the shop. its been like 8 or 9 months, although I did paint my shop (garage) during that time this will be a present for my uncle who will be retiring in 2 years. it will probably take me that long to build it seeing how I take 8-9 months away at a time. He is a huge Beatles fan, and I know he will get a kick out of this. Ricky 12 string. maple body, maple and walnut neck 8/4 maple- glued together. This back side will be routed out, and covered by 1/4" maple back.
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