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Found 8 results

  1. After finishing the 2/3 scale guitar build for my daughters I took a little time off to work on other projects. Household carpentry, building a combat robot, etc. But for the past few years I've been wanting to build an acoustic instrument, as that's mostly what I play these days. I play primarily mandolin, and I have several of those as well as a guitar bodied octave mandolin. So I thought, why not fill in the gap and build a mandola! I love the look of guitar bodied octave mandolins, which are becoming more popular. They're generally based on smaller bodied archtop jazz guitars. My octave has a 14" lower bout. And as they look so cool, and as this would be an incredibly rare bird, I thought I'd make the mandola with a sort of pseudo guitar body as well. So, it's 3/4 a shrunken down archtop guitar body with a mandolin style 'open hook' scroll ala the great luthier John Monteleone. Here's a rendering- Some specs on this - Scale length: 17" Body width: Just under 11.5" Body Rib depth: 1.75" Woods - Top: Old Growth Redwood Back & Sides (ribs): Lightly Curly Local Black Cherry Fretboard: Bocote Neck: Laminate of Cherry/Walnut/Flamed Maple/Walnut/Cherry Misc Appointments: Macassar Ebony Here are a few pics of the various woods- The top, freshly joined: The neck blank, all glued up and cleaned up: The rough cut back of local cherry. You can see a little wide curl in it: Beyond that I've cut and thicknessed the sides down to 2mm, cut the headstock angle in the neck blank, and am working on the form to be used for side bending and top/back attachment. Progress will be slow because, well, that's just who I am... And I make no apologies!
  2. Hello, I am new here so if I am posting in the wrong place etc , please tell me nicely ! I have just purchased a cort mini OP guitar 3/4 size, (not seen or collected yet) . I fancy adding a pickup and would appreciate some advice if possible. I have seen two on e-bay. One a fishman that has a piezo and microphone , and another whos name escapes me at the moment is a lot larger . What I am asking is , has anyone any experience with any of these cheaper pickups, and what would they recommend. I raelise the site is about building your own guitar, but that is a question for another section, I believe. Many Thanks
  3. Would it be possible to do so, if I stripper all the nitro off of it? I have no idea what kind of wood it's made from, since the guitar is like 20 something years old, and I'd rather not try it before knowing if it is possible, beacuse I really don't want to ruin it
  4. tl;dr version; Just bought this guitar, humming issues, no experience in electronics, please help! Hello everyone...it´s been quite a long time since I last visited. I hope you guys are doing well. I just got myself a beautiful, previously owned Godin A6 Ultra, just got it today in the mail! As you can see, it was modded. I bought it on a site which I believe is owned by ebay. I´ve purchased many things there, and never had an issue. Certainly, I hope that is the case this time as well, but I would appreciate guidance. I have zero experience with electronics. Ok, so the guitar was modded with a volume and tone pots, along with an output jack. The guitar has the original circuitry, which is a side output for the humbucker, and a jack for acoustic or mix. I asked the seller, who has high reputation at the site, and he said he had bought the guitar from a collector in Texas. He was the original owner and had the mods made. Later, he had it put back to stock...except for the electronics on the top. He didn´t ask on what the mods where or what the configuration was. The guitar arrived today at my dad´s house, so I went there after work to pick it up. When I got home, I immediately set up my PC (I play through amp sims) and was surprised by some hum and gainy tones, along with somewhat uneven volume. I tried both jacks just to see if I could assess both tones, but the acoustic preamp had no output. Then it hit me that it works of a 9 volt battery. I took it out, but I don´t have means to check whether it is dead. No biggie, I´ll get one tomorrow. So, I focused on the humbucker sounds. I didn´t open the guitar, but I read on it before buying, and remembered somebody mentioning the humbucker is wired to the preamp as well. I guess this is necessary to have either acoustic or electric, or the mix, but I don´t know for sure. I tried a few presets and the hum worsened with some, lessened with others along with some drop in volume. I fiddled with the noise gate in the VST, but that didn´t help much. When I actually tried a preset with some gain and volume, the interface input spiked, and the hum turned into screeching. I unplugged the guitar and the interface, then restarted the pc. After rebooting, I tried the same, with the same results. I was ready to blame the interface, but first I picked up another guitar with humbucking pickups...dead quiet. Well, some noise, but nowhere near what I experienced with the other guitars. I want to try the preamp tomorrow, but my hunch is that the issue is something else. My guess is that the humbucker should work even if the preamp it´s connected to has no power...but I´m not sure on that. I have no experience with microphonic or ungrounded pickups, and that might not even be the issue. I´m concerned because there are no techs I know of here where I live. Maybe it is simpler than what I fear, or it might be enough to place a complaint at the site. I kind of hope for an "easy" fix and leave it alone. I would like to keep the guitar. In fact, I have a very nice pickup I would like to swap with the one it has right now, but I won´t if the design is not meant to work with another one. When trying it out acoustically, I tried the pots on the top, and they are perfectly placed and seem good quality. If possible, I would like to have the magnetic pickup swapped for the one I already have, maybe wire the guitar circuits independent of each other... Anyway, sorry for the humungous post...I tend to do that,
  5. Hi friends. I've sanded the damaged resin finish from the top of my nylon guitar. Ended up overdoing it, and the more I tried to mitigate the harm done, the worse it got. These ugly blots emerged. I'm now looking for ideas of what to do to make it nice again. Is there some kind of sealer or something that would retain the wood but get rid of the blots? Or maybe would it be better to glue a layer of veneer and then refinish it? What would you do:? It's an old and cheap guitar, but it is surprisingly good and stood the test of time bravely, Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi again! Apart from the single-cut bass I've just posted, the other project on the go - albeit a longer-term project - is a dreadnought acoustic 6 string. It is due as a surprise present for our old-guys-band's vocalist who has a special birthday in July next year. The spec is: Lacewood (London Plane Tree, specifically) back and sides European spruce top Mahogany / Walnut / Mahogany neck Ebony fretboard 25.5" scale Built-in pickup(s) and pre-amp, make to be confirmed So far, I've: built a simple plywood mould thicknessed and joined the top and back, waiting final sand. thicknessed, sanded and bent the sides Haven't finally decided but, after I've made a jig and tried it out on a couple of scrap pieces, I might try my first dovetail neck joint - my other acoustic build (an OM in spruce and walnut for my own use) was bolt-on tenon construction. Here are some progress shots...but it might be come time before you see any more Here's the mould in construction - even without fixing brackets, already useful for working out which way round is best for the figuring on the back sheets Here, the back and top are thicknessed and joined, waiting final sanding. The line down the middle of the top is just greaseproof paper stuck to the glue - it will sand off. It's a LOVELY piece of tight and vertically-grained spruce: The sides are matched to the back but have some additional figuring: I thicknessed them down to about 3mm, then hand-sanded down to 1.9mm - 2mm. Then hand bent on an electric bending iron with a stainless steel support strap: Thanks for looking Andy
  7. This is a project which will have a reasonably lengthy build-up time, so this thread exists purely to gather information, consolidate the design and work methodologies. A little background. I have never built an acoustic or archtop previously to this, so much of this particular thread will consist of my research and references to information online or from books, etc. The Gibson EB-750 and its sister the EB-650 were extremely rare (less than 100) basses built upon the designs of the Gibson ES range. The EB-750 was (as far as I am aware) the same underlying design as ES-175 but with a bass neck and a bridge placed further towards the rear of the instrument. My initial proposal is to build two basses, one with the same archtop design as the ES-175 with the longtitudinal braces and another with the more ES-335 style of build having a large solid central block between the arched back and top. I predict that these builds will be more likely to happen towards the end of Spring or worst case towards Autumn 2013. In the meantime I will be examining and refining more of the project specifics including things like moulds, methods of making the sides (laminating/bending) and the all-important back and top carving. Hopefully throughout the process we can document and critique processes fully for the purposes of tutorials, etc. Is anybody familiar with the EB-750 bass or in fact the ES-175? There is plenty of room for discussion on this one.... Cheers.
  8. I allready made a topic where I asked some questions on how to make an electric, but what came to my mind in the meanwhile is that I'd actually like an acoustic! So could you please tell me, what are the differences (in building them) which is generally cheaper, and which is harder/easier to build?
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