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Found 3 results

  1. Hi I'm a UK based guitar maker, new to Project Guitar, and I thought I'd introduce myself properly with some examples of my finished work (with some production shots thrown in for good measure) - some of you might have seen my recent post in the Public Classified's forum in which I cut and paste some text from website about me/Serpentine Guitars. Enjoy! The first guitar showcased is one of my earliest; fixed bridge Super-strat (DC shape) with faux-neck-thru detail. Rough DC body shape... (Faux-neck-thru) body inlay glued in place... Neck pocket routed... Mock-up... Neck carved... Final details (recessed ferrules, control cover, etc)... Tru-Oil coats rubbed in... Complete (DC #1210)...
  2. Before I started this build, I had planned on taking full photo sequences of the guitars production. Unfortunately, I did not get the photos I wanted so I will be documenting this build from the point I'm currently at, with the hope of photo sequences for certain "procedures", such as the inlay work that will be undertaken on this particular guitar. So, this build is a private commission for a UK based client with the following spec... Swamp Ash body with Flame Maple top (carve-top) One-piece Indian Rosewood neck (set-neck) Ebony fretboard 25.5" scale length 20" radius 24 frets (Jescar Jumbo Stainless Steel) PRS 513-style Paua fretboard inlays Grover machine heads (Gold) GraphTech Resomax NW2 bridge (Gold) JBE Pickups (T/T neck and bridge, SC middle) Trans Red Gloss finish w/ natural faux-binding (body and headstock face only) Progress so far: The Swamp Ash has been planed, joined and thicknessed (currently 34mm but due to be thicknessed down to 26mm to take the (new) Flame Maple top we're using). Looking at the first picture in this post, there is some Flame Maple laying underneath the Ash, this has since been replaced with a thicker top (3/4" when planed and thicknessed for gluing to the Ash). This Maple top shown is what we'll be using for this build. The neck will be a one-piece affair with 12 degree headstock angle (to which a Flame Maple veneer will be glued) and volute. The face has been planed/sanded flat ready to take the Ebony fretboard and a Truss Rod channel routed. The next step will be working on the fretboard; fret slots and inlay work. I'll be using some stunning Paua shell blanks (imported from Israel) for the inlays, which are based on the PRS 513 birds. I have glued on some headstock ears, followed by a Flame Maple veneer (bookmatched) to the head face... The neck profile has been roughed in - including angled heel (2 degree angle) and volute... The Flame Maple top has been jointed and glued, soon to be thicknessed down to 16mm and glued to the Ash (26mm thick)... Further updates coming this weekend
  3. Hello, My name is Matt and I'm a British guitar maker with 20 years combined experience in guitar repairs, rebuilding and luthierie. In 2009, after selling a few of my handcrafted instruments on the internet, I started taking orders and building a portfolio of privately commissioned "custom made" and stock guitars in my UK based workshop under the guise of "Serpentine Guitars". Serpentine Guitars build premium, handcrafted electric guitars for that ultimate tone and playability, hand made by a professional luthier and his meticulous attention to detail and perfection. Our instruments are custom made from the finest tonewoods, hand-picked for their visual and tonal qualities, and hardware manufactured to the highest standards, including Gotoh, Schaller, Hipshot, Bareknuckle Pickups, EMG and DiMarzio, to meet your exact requirements. I am currently taking orders globally through my website, where you can also read testimonials from my previous clients, and would be happy to provide a quote for your dream guitar using the online form - http://www.serpentineguitars.com We are also running a competition at the moment giving one lucky individual the chance to win a custom made guitar - visit the website for details. Thank you for your time. Matt (Serpentine Guitars) Moderators; the forum rules state "Sales and Services may be offered by anyone including retailers at any time as long as they are posted in the Classifieds Section Only". This topic is offering my services as a custom guitar maker.
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