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Found 10 results

  1. We are currently about to start developing a range of kits for the DIY community, based around our Multiscale designs. These will be manufactured in Indonesia, rather than the usual Chinese kits, to allow for a high quality level. This will of course mean they are a little more $$$ too. We plan on 6 and 7 string versions, but there are some things we arent sure about. Most kits come as a premade body, and you basically finish it yourself with oil or lacquer, then assemble. Usually a headstock is either precut, or its the paddle arrangement so you can design your own. We'd like to consider either having a precut body, OR simply a body blank with all relevant routs completed (eg: pickups, controls, neck joint, plus bridge location). This will allow end users to cut their own body, but still avoid the more difficult parts like routing. So, you'd be free to design and cut your own body shape, plus your own headstock, but still have a completed neck shaft, frets, control and pickup routs, neck joint, etc. Of course, all kits will include hardware and pickups too, with upgrades available. Thoughts?
  2. Hey guys. I’ve started a project series and was wanting to get some exposure/ideas/potential guidance. I have 3 videos so far of my progress the first is here —->https://youtu.be/KizhJofclMM Give them a look if you want to. I appreciate any feedback you guys can offer and will use it going forward in my future videos. Thanks!
  3. I usually build guitars, but this time I built…a cello: Here's a video of the build process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8OUY4UxMzg
  4. Hi guys, I have a few questions. I want to build a little spray paint booth and I want to ask if any of you have advices for me. My main question is if my intake/exhaust placement makes sense. Right now it is designed to have the air intake at the top and air exhaust at the bottom, opposite sides. Should they both be at the rear of the spray paint booth? The booth size will be 5' x 5' x 7"6", it will be covered with polythene plastic, have 4x 48" neon (Outside the booth of course). I have a a belt-driven fan I plan to run over a ~10 meters 6-8" flexible duct outside. And I will use 12" dust free filters for incoming and outgoing air. I came up with this design reading about dozens of posts, but as you know, there's nothing like personal experience (Which I don't have yet!) Thanks for any advice that can help me start this project on the right foot!
  5. Hi Here is how I shaped the body for my Tele Style DIY kit.
  6. Hi Everyone I'm new here, started my first build with this kit bought from BYOguitars Shape is in the style of an Scheter\ESP guitars Mahgony body and neck Maple top rosewood fingerboard Hardware: Humbackers that I took out of my Ibanez s Spretzel locking tuner Hipshot trem bridge tusq nut Those patterns around the knobs and in the headstock was printed in my home 3d printer
  7. I've been thinking about how to bring vacuum pressing for veneers, etc. into the range where an enthusiastic amateur (is that an "enthusiast"?) could throw one together for a project or two without investing in Venturis that require compressed air, etc. Essentially this is a vertical bike tyre pump but with both valve's air flow directions being reversed. Instead of pumping air it becomes a positive displacement pump. What are people's thoughts on this? My first concern is about the quality of vacuum this might be able to pull and as to whether an auxiliary vacuum reservoir would ensure that it could be held indefinitely. Certainly, the pump should be isolated from the target once sufficient vacuum is achieved with the auxiliary reservoir chamber smoothing over any softness in the vacuum. I'll have a look around the local hardware stores to see if suitable materials are to hand, which I would have thought they would be. Generally that is the first test for any project of this nature :-)
  8. Hey guys, I'm Gep from The Netherlands and I would love to build a Sustainer Pickup. These last weeks I've been searching Google, this site and well....the best hit I constantly got where the Sustainer Pickup made by PSW http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.php?showtopic=24211 and the somewhat more simpler version of http://diy-fever.com/misc/diy-sustainer/ But isn't there another good site or just a diagram/schemetic or something? Not to be offending any of the authors...it's just that I don't get several stuff. If there's not a better way to go than the ones mentioned above..then here are my problems...refering to the site of http://diy-fever.com/misc/diy-sustainer/ for he has the picturial haha Picture 1, 2, 3 -Get old pickup, strip it down. Picture 4, 5 - Create 3 mm space to wind the wire around (filled with glue etc.) Picture 6, 7 ) Connect wires … and here is my first problem. They skip some parts I think are essential to it's construction. As you can see on picture 6, there are already wires under the soon to rewire part. What is it and do I need to do this aswell? So...how do I start before rewiring the pickup and how do I finish is my question here . Step 4) Build driver! These are based on Ruby and Fetzer ...but again I do not understand what has been combined. I know I might be a total noob but ...isn't there a schedule of the actual thing to build except looking at two totally different things (well....atleast that's what it looks like to me haha)? Well....basically is there anyone who can help me out building this Sustainer pickup or....am I a lost cost and stuck with getting a Fernandes? haha. Again, not to offend any of the ones that have created the tutorial...even though I don't get it I'm most thankfull....it's just that I really want to build one and need help. Thanks all! Cheers Gep
  9. I'm trying to figure out if these things are worth building, Occasionally you see prototyping pedals where all the dials and switches are built into a pedal, and you get to arrange all the electronic guts (ICs, resistors, caps etc.) to make any pedal you want, and fully customizable. So basically it's a shell of a pedal, where without soldering you get to make/modify any pedal you want, and you can even build/tweak exact replicas of almost any pedal. If it was easy and cheap enough to do: Would you ever use one to sculpt your unique tone? To learn electronics for fun? Or if you're electronics savvy already, would they seem useful to streamline pedal projects?
  10. Hello, to all of you, electronic gurus ! I'm currently working on a "swiss army knife" custom guitar, but I want everything planned out, before actually buying anything critical. (features: tremolo, on-board FFactory clone, coil split, MAYBE a sustainer...) So. I've been hearing that market-available sustainers don't work with a neck pickup, because of interferences. But, I want a sustainer (thanks to the amazing "sustainer ideas", i could do the sustainer system myself, possibly modifying it to fit my demands), and I want my two sh2 and sh4 seymour duncan pickups BUT, I've come across this, during my journey on the internet (it fits !!) Fernandes Sustainer Website's FAQ says the sustainer needs to be at least 2cm away from any selected pickup. So, as I'm ordering a custom body at Warmoth, do you think the "24-frets humbucker relocation" option could solve the interferences problem ? (Would it make possible for me to use the sustainer with the neck pickup selected ?) If not, I could still chose to "relocate it", in order to have room for a real neck pickup, and a sustainer (at least) But, would it alter the sound of my neck pickup, "in a dramatical way" ? ( i'm sure it does change the sound, but, how much does it change ?) Thanks in advance, ladies and gentlemen ! And please let me apologize for my approximate english !
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