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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone!Just finished building my first guitar body and wanted to hear any feedback that you experts have! I started this project last fall (2017) and worked on it in my spare time throughout the fall and into the winter. It was slow-going, but I have finally found time to get it finished!It is solid Swamp Ash, with gold hardware purchased from various websites, and a creme-colored split-style pick guard. The dyes I used are the powdered alcohol-based dyes from Reranch. I chose their "yellow" and "extra dark walnut". It's common to find sunburst guitars, but I felt like I don't often see any line-style gradients, so I chose to do that for my staining. What you see is a light golden yellow fading into the darker brown horizontally. I applied the dyes with a spray gun on an air compressor.The gloss coat on this is Polyurethane, as I was told it's the easiest to apply for a first-timer. I think maybe a nitrocellulose might have looked even better on this guitar, but it sounded like it was much more difficult to do a good job with that, as opposed to polyurethane, but I have absolutely no complaints with my polyurethane coating on this.It is equipped with a single dog-ear style P90 pickup that I got it used from a friend out of his Gibson LesPaul Jr. for a good price. Since it came from a friend, I already knew how it sounded and knew it was in good condition, so I had no problem buying it used. I chose to install only 1 pickup because I have always loved the look of single-pickup guitars, and also because the wiring would be simpler for my first time configuring anything like this. I took a risk by purchasing a used Squier Jaguar neck from Reverb. My intent was/is to eventually build my own neck, but for now, this neck actually plays and feels MUCH better than I had anticipated. It is straight as an arrow and is surprisingly comfortable, so I'm very happy with this for the time being. The action is set comfortably low and it all feels just right. I would love to hear any feedback if anyone has any!Thank you!
  2. Hey everybody, I'd like to share my first build with you guys before I finish it (and maybe get some advice on the way) So I've been meaning to build my own guitar or bass since I was 17 years old, but it's a bit scary at first. I then decided I wanted to try it, 4 years later, but got disappointed when I failed at finding wood. Then I saw a video of a guy building a guitar out of plywood -neck included- and I thought it was a good way to start (also considering I don't have the tools to work with other kinds of wood). As a fan of the band Muse, I decided I wanted a replica of a Manson guitar. I got the plywood from Home Depot, 12 mm thickness, and I planned to build it on 3 layers so it would get a total depth of 36mm for the guitars body. I printed a full size image of the guitar I'll post more to this after school.
  3. Hi there! Let me introduce my little guitar shop Sushkov Guitars located in the heart of Europe, lovely Prague. I built my first guitar in college, somewhere in 1995. Since 1999 my hobby turned to profession. 3 years ago I moved to Prague and last summer founded my own shop. There are already 3 guitars ready and another 3 in progress. #0001 Saracen A lespaul inspired guitar with mahogany back and american walnut top. This is the very first demo guitar and it's for sale now. #0002 Walnut tune A Tune bass inspired design. Maple neck and american walnut body. This was a custom order. #0003 Zebra Ash - GOTM winner in May 2016. 7-stringed custom design, european ash body, maple/ebony neck. #0004 Walnut Christmas tree A neck-through guitar with very nice piece of walnut on top ;-) Hope I'll get a chance to join a June or July contest with it.
  4. Greetings to You all. I have a question. Does anyone know someone who can draw plans for a custom electric guitar and prepared them for CNC machine?! Thank you.
  5. I am building a 12 string Gretsch Tele. Here's a video of where I am at on the build. I'll post pics soon.
  6. I've been inspired by the work of Chris Verhoven and David Myka, especially in the semi hollowbody realm. My current build is a chambered ash body and a 1/4 in maple cap. I've been trying to cut the f holes in the maple, but the sharp corners are proving to be extremely difficult. How have others done something like this in the past to achieve uniform, smooth, and sharp looking results? This was extremely hard and I'm not very proud of it. https://lh6.googleus...-p-k/2013-02-12
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