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Found 11 results

  1. I figured with the extra indefinite down time I now have, it's time to fully restore an old electric guitar that's been sitting around and never worked well. Something I picked up from a roommate years ago in college. Anyway, from my research, it looks like a Japanese Vantage VS696 (that's a funny looking nine in this font). Apparently, Vantage had some well made guitars in the 80's but they are no longer in production. The electronics, including toggle switches, are pretty much shot so I gutted the whole thing. From my research, it has two volume and one tone knob; a three-way toggle at the top; and two switches under the first two knobs (one for coil split, the other phase switch). Now that I've taken the electronics out and I realize I will have some more time on my hands, I'd like to do as much as I can: refinish the frets, full set up etc. Also, there are lots of dings and scratches I'd like to touch up without refinishing the whole thing (refinishing doesn't seem plausible in the tiny condo.) I'll be ordering all new electronics, including pickups (likely Fralin Unbuckers). Anyway, now that I've convinced myself to restore this thing, I have no idea where to start but I imagine the body is the best place to begin. Any guidance, links, online tutorials, etc. that you could point me to or offer? Any clear coat finishing touch up options that you may know of? How about for work on the body, neck, frets, etc? Especially, any guidance on electronics would be helpful (I couldn't find any online schematics for this guitar) What necessary tools and supplies do I need at a minimum? Any advice on how to tackle this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Vantage.pdf
  2. Hello. As lots of others, I did just sign up for ProjectGuitar, to be able to more closely follow what others are building, and ask advice on what I am building, hoping for the best. So far I've built a semi-hollow LP kit, and restored an old russian acoustic (custom inlays, neck reset, bridge reshape, reglue, top refinish, etc), and I wanted to do a guitar from scratch. I found a cheap neck online close to me I liked a lot, so I designed a guitar around it. Beginners mistake, got caught with the flow, and the guitar came out fairly complex. The idea would be to have some sort of modularity, to be able to change some parts if I get bored: designing with a hardtail bridge,
  3. I want to start by saying i'm completely new to guitar making. I am choosing to make one as this will be my tenth guitar, so i want it to be special. I felt as though making my own would be better than buying one. With that out the way, hello i'm Andrew. As this is my first one I will be building straight from a kit (This one to be exact https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Seattle-Jazz-Electric-Guitar-DIY-Kit/PZU) This will cut out some of the work like some parts and most the wood cutting. The artwork will be fine as i have a friend who has agreed to do it for me, and the wood work will be easy as my friend own's a small wood cutting shop. I however have very limited knowledge on electronics. I don't want the guitar to sound like what comes in the box so i have ordered some Seymore Duncan SH-2 and SH-4 Humbuckers instead. I want to wire it up to play more like a Fender Jaguar with that sort of control setup, i have looked online for diagrams and electronic's and cannot find them anywhere, so if someone could possible link me some tutorials as well as links to buy parts. Thank you for you're time, Andrew Smith :)
  4. I want to restore an old guitar - it was the first electric guitar I ever had, and I used to love playing it. I don't know much about it - here's what I think I know. It's an Encore guitar - I believe an E76S from 1992, and it needs some tender love and care. It's missing a saddle from the bridge - but I can't seem to find a replacement bridge - or set of saddles - anywhere. The saddles appear to be 9.9mm wide, and the bridge is a tremelo style bridge - 6 mounting screws to the body - the distance between the top and bottom screw is 48.96mm. I've already bought a set of saddles from ebay - only they were too wide for the bridge. Any ideas how I'm supposed to measure a bridge to find a suitable replacement, or where I might get a replacement from? Thanks
  5. Hi all, I'm planning to build a 1/2 size electric guitar for my 4 years old child, I can't find any tip about the string spacing, I don't think that a 1/2 scale has 1/2 string spacing, am I wrong? any tip? Thanks.
  6. Hello everyone. I'm David. I have an ESP LTD with EMG Pickups for about 6 years. Last week it started to get a "crunchy", somewhat distorted sound on the clean channel. - I tested it plugging directly to the amp, and the sound was still distorted. - Tried to plug in another amp in the clean channel, same result. - Tried another guitar (BC Rich Mocking bird with BCRich Pickups), same cables, and the sound came out crystal clear out of their clean channels. So it's obviously the guitar. Symptoms: - Even when the volume knob is at 30% to 50%, the sound remains dirty and distorted. - The sound seems less distorted when the neck pickup is up, and more distorted if the bridge pickup is selected. - The pickups are not too close from the strings What could it be? Something in the electric part of the guitar?
  7. Hello everyone, I have some questions I hope you guys can answer, since I'm new to guitar modifications or customization. I bought this Ibanez Gio GRG250DX two years ago and I want to upgrade the pickups http://www.ibanez.co.jp/products/eg_page15.php?year=2015&area_id=3&cat_id=1&series_id=9&data_id=191&color=CL01 Since it came with passive pickups I'd like it to have new passive pickups, I was thinking about buying EMGs, H4, H4a and S3 http://www.emgpickups.com/guitar/humbucking/passive-humbucking/h4.html http://www.emgpickups.com/guitar/humbucking/passive-humbucking/h4a.html http://www.emgpickups.com/guitar/single-coil/passive/s3.html I was wondering if I can install the 3 passive pickups with this wiring kit, or if is it possible to install 3 EMG passive pickups, I've been searching on google for diagrams but I can't find one that has an HSH guitar, and mostly the ones I find are for active pickups or just 2 passive pickups http://www.emgpickups.com/accessories/wiring-kits/wiring-kits/3-pickup-wiring-kit.html
  8. Hi Guys, I started building this amplifier around Christmas, I finished it in March and have since decided to start work on some new ideas and turn it in to a company. I hope you guys can give me some feedback as I respect the quality of work that seems to be posted here. Unfortunately I'm having to sell this amplifier to raise capital to build my new idea which is a version 2 of this amplifier. Same internal components and features but in a smaller box. I'd have liked to have kept this forever but needs must! I hope you enjoy this build thread and like what I'm doing. Again any feedback is gratefully received. If you have any questions I'd love to answer them. Unfortunately not every part of the process is covered in these photos but I've put as much in as I can. In the cabinet I put Celestion Vintage 30s. They are quite heavy but because I've used ultralight materials I have kept the weight down to the same as an equivalent Marshall cabinet. --- The amplifier is quite big but looks are deceiving, this head is lighter than an Engl Powerball. --- This is a promo picture that I took for my website that I've been building... not going so well, they are very hard to make. Please have a look www.davisamplification.com --- This is the amplifier at the famous Rockfield Studios in Wales where many, many famous albums have been recorded. --- I was lucky enough that Robert Plant used the amplifier on a couple of occasions and he was really cool to invite me over to his to have some photos taken with him and the amplifier. He loved the way it looked and sounded.
  9. Hello- RDS here. I've been playing guitar and bass guitar for over 40 years. I do my own repairs (within my skill level) and mods . I've built 10+ electric guitars and basses from aftermarket parts - mostly Fender style. I have played professionally since 1977. I own mostly Fender bass guitars and several 6 string electrics. I have two friends that build guitars. One has built over 200 acoustic and electrics and another has his own line of electrics that he contracts bodies and parts for. They are busy guys and I pick their brains as much as I can . So I'm here checking things out to increase my knowledge. Have a great day........
  10. Here is an update on the semi-hollowbody build that I recently posted on the Not So f-holes thread. It is a chambered ash body with a 1/4 in maple cap/top. Let me know what you think. I have a bit of a problem though. I did not solder a wire to the post stud before I hammered it into the body because I have stacked p90's that cancel hum, but now I'm thinking that I need a string ground for undesired noise. Based on the pictures what do you guys think I should do to ground the strings? https://lh4.googleus...0/photo (1).JPG https://lh3.googleus.../s714/photo.JPG
  11. I allready made a topic where I asked some questions on how to make an electric, but what came to my mind in the meanwhile is that I'd actually like an acoustic! So could you please tell me, what are the differences (in building them) which is generally cheaper, and which is harder/easier to build?
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