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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys. I’ve started a project series and was wanting to get some exposure/ideas/potential guidance. I have 3 videos so far of my progress the first is here —->https://youtu.be/KizhJofclMM Give them a look if you want to. I appreciate any feedback you guys can offer and will use it going forward in my future videos. Thanks!
  2. I want to build my first custom guitar, and I know what I want. I just don't know what my budget should be, and where I can find quality components. I want a Gibson explorer body, and I would like it to be sparkly purple with gold hardware. I want the purple sparkles to carry up the neck and cover the headstock. Other than that, I have no clue what pickups to look for and even what all I need. Thanks, Colin. also, don't want to blow the bank
  3. So I've been a long time on/off lurker here, and I decided to sign up and document my current build, I just build as a hobby (although I'd love to make it a business, although I've read its not easy). Any ways, I've started this build at the beginning of September and I've finally dedicated the time to put together some photos of my progress thus far, and I'll likely update as I get work done on it. So as an overview, this is my take on the gibson explorer shape. My first guitar was a jay turser explorer clone, and I've dug the shape of explorers and similarly shaped guitars since I started playing (and to this day). After buying my first guitar, I jumped into building guitars. My 2nd and 3rd builds were another of my own design but greatly inspired by a Jackson kelly and warrior morphed together, I call it the Infinity and you can find it in my pictures of my gear in my profile and there's a thread somewhere. Now I'm on my 5th build and the design started out as a smoother redesign of the infinity shape I made, until it eventually became more of a modernized take on the explorer shape.Here's the low down of the specs; 25" scale Ziricote fretboard Birdseye Maple/Zebrawood laminated neck Black Limba body with Quilted Maple top Schaller Hannes bridge, Gotoh Locking Tuners, Tusq XL nut, Reilander RH2 reverend humbuckers, freeway 6 way switch for hum/both/hum/coil/both/coil, 1 concentric pot for neck and bridge volume, 2 concentric pot for treble/bass cut 1 for neck, 1 for bridge. And now, progress. The plan Black Limba body blank (normally I would build my own blank but I ordered one on the account of lack of access to a planer)
  4. Hi everyone, I just thought I'd write a quick post to say hi and test out the forum. I've been a lurker on Project Guitar since the old site, but have finally got around to joining. This is a fantastic site which got me and my Dad off the ground with building back when I was 16 - so thanks to you all! I'm now 23, post-university, moved out and going it alone on my first full build all by myself! So, number 5 is going to be an Explorer through-neck, (3-piece curly maple and bubinga) with an african rosewood (curly cherry-topped) body and the standard-issue indian rosewood fretboard. I've gone for a slightly shorter PRS-style (25") scale on this one. I'm aiming for an electric-bluesy/classic rock feel. I'm up to the final stages of neck construction, so hopefully I should be able to put some pics up as the build progresses. I can't wait to see/hear it in action! Thanks again for all the help and inspiration so far, I look forward to meeting a few of you as things progress! Dan
  5. Greetings again! It's time to start again my annual guitar project with a new build thread. Firstly forgive my little rusty English, haven't been posting nothing since last autumn. Some of you may still remember my previous topic (EXP2012 :http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/topic/46432-explorer-2012/ ). The project is sill unfinished and has a big goal to be sprayed during the next summer. I actually had a spray gun in my hand already, when my boss called and canceled my vacation. Needless to say, a man who comes between the builder and his guitar is no more my boss. But without further babbling straight to the topic. EXP2013: The Stalker Project - A guitar pumped up with post nuclear techonogy - Inspiration has been drawn from Fallout & Stalker RPG series. Original idea was to assemble a very roughly cut (but still working) body and neck together, no finishes or sandings - as much use of angle grinder as possible. Hardware and knobs would have been gathered from old scraps. Guitar's point was to look like adapted tool builded in primitive conditions - a real thrash guitar ready for ultimate use. Most of this roughness disappeared quickly during the project and I found myself building far too fine instrument. Well, the conditions are still primitive, but the current goal is to give an impression of reverted post nuclear technology with blinking LEDs, meters and other details. I'm also going to try get some vintage look into hardware parts. The final content is still undefined, but I have purchased some crazy stuff to be mounted in this instrument. Not going to spoil the fun part yet, because it needs still some further investigations. If anyone has ideas of what the real Fallout-guitar should have, please let me know. Limits are only meant to be crossed. The project started with proper CAD plans. Yes, it's a customed explorer again - I'm just a real sucker for those. Body has multiple cavities for whatever I decide to mount into it. SPECS: Body -Alder top, ash bottom, maple hearth mounted under the bridge -Juniper binding Bolt-on neck - laminated maple & walnut/bubinga - scarf joint - bubinga veneer in KL headstock & maple binding - pre-slotted ebony fingerboard, cream binding - Custom inlays - Schaller R8 Locking saddle Worn out chrome hardware - Floyd rose, 37mm sustain block - Schaller STMG Bridge - Schaller PU frames - Grover Rotomatics / different pegs gathered Electronics - Seymour Duncan Invaders / Hot rodded set - 3-way in a horn, 1 vol, 1 tone - Maybe some effect (reverb/distortion) - Random post nuclear technology Lots of photos will be posted again. My current status with the guitar is installing neck inserts. ... To be continued later next week ...
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