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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone! My name is Chad and I'm currently putting together a Flying V kit, and I want to install the rubber knee pad off of the '58 V. I have the rubber pad, but now I need to know the best way to apply it. I'm finishing the guitar with a stain and Tru-Oil. What glue would be best to mount this with? Thanks everyone!!
  2. Version v1.0


    Modern set-neck Flying V. Designed for two humbuckers and a Tune-O-Matic style bridge. Visit the support thread for information on build specifics and for further information on this design.
  3. View File JSV Flying V Modern set-neck Flying V. Designed for two humbuckers and a Tune-O-Matic style bridge. Visit the support thread for information on build specifics and for further information on this design. Submitter Prostheta Submitted 05/10/2014 Category Instrument Plans
  4. Over the years I have done bits of work here and there for Devin Townsend and Strapping Young Lad. I have the privilege of meeting the guys many times over the years. All good times. The second guitarist of Strapping Young Lad - Jed Simon - is probably one of the more under-rated metal guitarists out there and was most commonly seen sporting a custom ESP Flying V over the decade or so that SYL were active. Jed was kind enough to supply me with bits and pieces of information about "whitey" which I cross-referenced with specs from the ESP NV. The production ESP model is fairly similar however the devil is in the details.... Original specs are fairly vanilla. Maple neck-through with Alder wings and Ebony fretboard, single EMG 81 in the bridge position, TOM bridge, etc. A few of these have been altered on the basis that I don't want to make a 100% slavish spec-for-spec copy. In addition to this I am making a 7-string version. Preliminary flattened CAD sketch: Awfully shot photo of work so far.... The specs of the two guitars are different from the original and also from each other. Both bodies are Sapele, cut with the grain aligned to the outer edge to strengthen the wing tips. The 6-string version ("JSV-6") is a deep-set neck tenon with a laminated Wengé neck. Not pictured is the 7-string's ("JSV-7") neck which is laminated Khaya. All laminations were aligned to give a quartersawn blank. The JSV-6 runs 24 frets over a 25,5" scale with strings anchored through the body using a V-plate. The same applies to the JSV-7 excepting that the scale is extended to 27". The EMG 81 of the original is maintained in the JSV-6 (even though Jed recently kitted her out with an EMG 57) with the JSV-7 being similarly equipped with either an EMG 81-7, 707 or perhaps an 81-7H with the brushed black cover. The build process is relatively straightforward except for the bevels. In lieu of a better way of cutting them, the body was initially shaped from the blank to be specifically oversize - wider near the neck and deeper in the rear cutaway. This allows all of the bevelling to be cut using one 45° router bit with the final shape reducing the bevels accordingly. This can be seen in the photo where the body on the right (JSV-7) is pretty much fresh off the initial bevelling process whereas the JSV-6 on the left is the final shape. The initial neck fit is <tuco>tight tight tight</tuco> and true to the centreline. The mortice need a little finessing for the angle when I make a 2,5° routing template for it, but is other dead on. For finishing, I took onboard Jed's advice that the paint is NOT the crappy Arctic White or whatever ESP call their plain white finish these days. The original finish was a very lightly off-white pearl which has apparently ambered over time. I found this strange at first although photos of whitey with the hardware off confirmed this to be true. Still, all strangeness with the finish aside I paid a visit to an auto refinishing suppliers here in Pori (http://www.pp-maalit.com/index.php) and dug through their colour chips. The two finishes I'm deciding between are 2007 Subaru "Ice White Pearl" and a metallic colour code from the PPG chips. Both require a basecoat, top coat and clear. Should be pretty sweet! For reference, this is what the Subaru colour looks like:
  5. I recently picked up an 84' designer series gibson flying V. My first V and yes I love it. Other than the selector wired backwards, the electronics seem to be in good shape but I decided to replace the bridge PU with a Dimarzio tone zone. Works like a charm and sounds amazing. The stock neck pickup howls feedback like crazy with my hi gain loud volumes and has too much low end. I'd like to save the stocker, I don't use the neck PU for anything other than a weaker vintage sound so the tone is ok just too bassy. I'm thinking of wax potting the bucker and maybe experimenting with a cap in series. I have the tools to do the wax potting so I will start with that but I haven't done anything with caps before. Any advice?
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