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Found 10 results

  1. Guys, I'm installing Fishman Fluence Abasi set into my HB 8string, with a Schaller Megaswitch M. I'm having difficulty figuring out how exactly to connect all this. I'm not sure how the "Fishman Recommended Wiring Diagram" translates to a Schaller switch. If anyone can help me by clarifying this, would be awesome. Thanks.
  2. I’m trying my hand at designing and fabricating a chambered, solid body tenor ukulele. This is a prototype build to continue to develop my skills and to learn from my inevitable mistakes :) When I looked at the current set of commercially available solid bodies ukuleles from Godin, Pono, KoAloha, Imua, etc., I wasn’t able to find enough details to deduce how theIr chamberings are configured under the top. Searches of across the luthier discussion forums provide a fair amount of info and suggestions covering chambering/hollowing guitar bodies, but all examples I found were for instruments amplified with magnetic pickups vs. the piezoelectric(s) I’ll be using. Details: 17” scale — Poplar body (1.5” thick) with a 3/16” Indian rosewood top — Mahogany neck with rosewood fretboard (Body image: https://imgur.com/gallery/HPlIdS4) My current plan: 1. Bore a honeycomb pattern in the body with a forstner bit, keeping the center under the bridge are positioned. I’d start by removing around 30% of the body’s weight of material then and test to see if I need to remove more. 2. Include a larger cavity for my volume control wiring and (potentially) a small pre-amp. For those of you who have gone down a similar experimental path, did you discover a preferred arrangement for your chambers? Regarding amplification...I’ve used under-saddle piezo transducers in the past to good effect with my acoustic ukuleles, so unless there are more appropriate ways for a solid body, I’ll likely go down that path. Alternatively, I have a pre-wired triple disk piezo pickup (it looks a bit like a knock-off K&K Trinity Mini) Thank you in advance for the input!
  3. I want to start by saying i'm completely new to guitar making. I am choosing to make one as this will be my tenth guitar, so i want it to be special. I felt as though making my own would be better than buying one. With that out the way, hello i'm Andrew. As this is my first one I will be building straight from a kit (This one to be exact https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Seattle-Jazz-Electric-Guitar-DIY-Kit/PZU) This will cut out some of the work like some parts and most the wood cutting. The artwork will be fine as i have a friend who has agreed to do it for me, and the wood work will be easy as my friend own's a small wood cutting shop. I however have very limited knowledge on electronics. I don't want the guitar to sound like what comes in the box so i have ordered some Seymore Duncan SH-2 and SH-4 Humbuckers instead. I want to wire it up to play more like a Fender Jaguar with that sort of control setup, i have looked online for diagrams and electronic's and cannot find them anywhere, so if someone could possible link me some tutorials as well as links to buy parts. Thank you for you're time, Andrew Smith :)
  4. I’m going to be testing out finishes for a semi hollow guitar I am building one of those being this charcoal burst finish. How would one go about achieving this color finish. My top is quilted maple same as the guitar in the picture. Thank you
  5. Hi friends. I've sanded the damaged resin finish from the top of my nylon guitar. Ended up overdoing it, and the more I tried to mitigate the harm done, the worse it got. These ugly blots emerged. I'm now looking for ideas of what to do to make it nice again. Is there some kind of sealer or something that would retain the wood but get rid of the blots? Or maybe would it be better to glue a layer of veneer and then refinish it? What would you do:? It's an old and cheap guitar, but it is surprisingly good and stood the test of time bravely, Thanks in advance!
  6. I`m starting a Les Paul build and i'm trying to figure out how to dye the quilted top. I don't want it to look super gaudy just to show through a bit like the one in the picture below. does anyone have any tips for me? PS this is my first build.
  7. Hello fellow guitarists! I have a slight problemo. I've been designing this guitar for a while and have just drawn in the frets. It's a 25" scale with 24 frets however they do not reach near to my pickups. In fact from where fret 24 is there is a 24mm gap between the fret and the pickup hole. The length from the nut to the 24th fret is bang on too. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why this may have happened and if it is bad? Cheer, ~Retuos
  8. Hi, My friend and I are currently building a Fender Jaguar in Sherwood green based on Johnny Marr's custom model. We are currently stuck on the wiring and how to basically put all the components together and which component's we would need. On the top plate we have a 3 way panel in which we intend to create: A killswitch (toggle on/off), a treble boost (roller wheel), and a bass removal/minimiser (roller wheel). As this is our first build we have vague to no idea on how to add these features. A list of components with how we'd put them in would be greatly appreciated, (also how to ground it, as we don't want to get that wrong at all). All help appreciated, Cheers
  9. I am rebuilding and repainting a Johnson Strat that I have had since is was 7 (know 19). I am going to repaint it but I need some help figuring out what a ertain design is called or how to do it. The design I am looking for almost looks like really little tiger stripes but faded, no solid. I mostly see it on les paul models, or guitars that dont have a scratch guard that covers most of the body. At Guitar Center's website, their les paul page has a picture of a guitar with this print, but I can not find what the print is called. Here is a link to the Website: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Gibson-Les-Paul-g26549t0.gc?esid=Les%20Paul I have had this guitar for a very long time, but I did not treat it right at the beginning of it's life with me. It has a lot of scratches and dents in it that I will fill, but i was wondering if I would be able to see the filler through transparent paint. As far as I know, the design I want to put on my guitar should be with transparent paint that One wpuld be able to see the wood grain through. Please Help ! Thankyou
  10. Hello everyone, my name is Roland. I just want to introduce my self, and ask a few questions. i want to build a guitar. i have watched hours of videos and read more articles than i can count. I am very interested in seven string guitars, and i want my first build to be a seven. i just want to know where i get started and maybe a list of all the tools i need. thank you in advance. -Roland
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