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Found 11 results

  1. For as long as I've been building guitars and basses, the classic Hipshot hardtail bridge has been the mainstay for builders needing a friendly, easy-to-implement 6, 7 or 8 (and now 9!) string hardtail bridge. This classic hardtail became synonymous with single-scale extended range instruments, gracing guitars by both amateur and boutique custom-builders alike. You could even suggest that it played a pioneer role in driving the development of these instruments and it's still just as popular over ten years later, regularly appearing on member builds here on ProjectGuitar.com. Hipshot have relea
  2. Time to start a new topic after finally finishing my Aria/Mosrite project last year. This one comes with a story. A long, long time ago somewhere in the lowlands I got my hands on an Ibanez JS10th guitar, aka Chromeboy. I'm a big Satriani fan and really like the chrome finish. It also played like a dream. Really great neck, great versatile sound and the Edge trem setup was superb as well. However, I somehow don't feel comfortable to play very expensive guitars like that so a few years back I got the idea to build/customize my own JS type guitar to keep it relatively cheap and of
  3. I recently purchased an Ibanez prestige S1220 body and there seems to be a crack on the surface that runs through into the body cavity. It seems stable enough for now although I worry for the future, I fear it may enlarge or even cave in the whole pot. (see picture) Any advice on reinforcing the area around the pot, possibly from inside the cavity? I was just going to cover the whole mess with a decal until I realized that it cracked through, I'm sure it happened because of the thin profile of a saber or someone over tightened the pot or both... Thanks for the help
  4. So I have an Ibanez RG320 that I am fixing up. I have the Dimarzio's that were used in the Charvel San Dimas Re-Issue Circa 1995. They are labeled J152 and J158. Everything I read online says these Ibanez RG320's should have a 5 way switch however it looks as though I have a 3 way. There are only 3 positions that it will go to and there are 7 poles on it(7 places to attach wires). This is my first time to wire up a guitar and it looks as though I can keep most of the wiring that the previous person had done, however I am unsure exactly how to wire to the switch since i cant find a diagram
  5. My current work in progress. Ibanez JEM Tree of Life style neck, with a self built BC Rich shape body, green invader pickups, a Floyd Rose trem and the middle pickup space will be filled with my own self made infinite sustain pickup.

    © Richard Eccles

  6. Hello everyone, I have some questions I hope you guys can answer, since I'm new to guitar modifications or customization. I bought this Ibanez Gio GRG250DX two years ago and I want to upgrade the pickups http://www.ibanez.co.jp/products/eg_page15.php?year=2015&area_id=3&cat_id=1&series_id=9&data_id=191&color=CL01 Since it came with passive pickups I'd like it to have new passive pickups, I was thinking about buying EMGs, H4, H4a and S3 http://www.emgpickups.com/guitar/humbucking/passive-humbucking/h4.html http://www.emgpickups.com/guitar/humbucking/passive-humbuck
  7. Hi All I am new on this site and hail from Sunny South Africa... OK enough of the boring stuff hehehe My brother has an Ibanez Axestar which has the 2 humbuckers in. I am looking for CAD files etc for this guitar. Does anyone have or even STL files etc. I have a CNC and he wants a new body and made from Mahogany. MANY thanks in advance. Sean
  8. Hi all, I` m the owner of Ibanez Prestige RG 2120x with Lo pro double edge. Preovius owner installed an active EMG picup and disconnected piezo system. I do not like EMG so I changed them for pasive Dimarzio. I did all works based on wirings from Ibanez website and jemsite forum.Now I have some problems the piezo. When I want use my piezo I have to plug two jacks in outputs. On youtube people use one and everything works perfectly. It`s uncomfortable to plug all the time one more jack. How it changed? I have read about KJG Wiring mod. It will solve my problem? Thanks for help Paul
  9. Greetings all. Some of you might have seen my NGD post from last November, announcing the commencement of my latest project. If not, in short, I have a habit of buying nice guitars from crackheads who have neglected them, and return them to better-than-new condition -- oh, and make them daily players again too! 270 days (8 months, 27 days) later, and this one is complete (for almost a month now)! Before the questions are asked as to why I did what I did, let me tell you up front. Two years ago, I spent an entire weekend at every guitar shop in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, looking
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