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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all! I'm new to the forum and new to guitar building as well. A little less than two years ago, I decided to try my hand at building guitar kits. I had turned 50 a year earlier and although I hadn't seriously played guitar in almost 30 years, I thought I might take up playing again and start a new hobby to boot. In April of 2016 I received my first two kits and dug right in. My idea was to see how things worked out on less expensive kits. If all went well, I would invest in a custom kit from Precision Guitar Kits and build my dream LP. Well, the first kits went well enough that I did pull the trigger on the PGK LP. What a fine instrument that one turned out to be. However, it would be my last kit because the next three guitars would be from scratch…and I’ve never looked back! I am posting here a video that I made recently that shows my first year of building these six guitars. It’s a compilation of the photos I took while building them. The original music I composed and play on the video is recorded with the actual guitars that I built. In the future, I’m looking forward to reading about and discussing building experiences with other luthiers on this forum. I travel a lot for work, so the building has slowed a bit, but I have just completed my design and templates for a travel guitar. Stay tuned! Chris
  2. Hi Everyone I'm new here, started my first build with this kit bought from BYOguitars Shape is in the style of an Scheter\ESP guitars Mahgony body and neck Maple top rosewood fingerboard Hardware: Humbackers that I took out of my Ibanez s Spretzel locking tuner Hipshot trem bridge tusq nut Those patterns around the knobs and in the headstock was printed in my home 3d printer
  3. I don't know how many of you will remember me, but I am back in the luthier business! I finished Davids PRS (#3) and then took over a year off. It was quite stressful at the end, but had many lessons within. Here is a pic of it all done. More upon request (as with the rest as well). Before that (for anyone who doesn't know me) I built 2 tele's (one is my first, other commision) and then completed (routed, finished, set up) a tele from an ad on kijiji for 350$ Between then and now, I attempted a dual build and learned more, and didnt finish them off. More lessons, mostly with fretting and neck thru's. So after the haitus, and first year uni I wanted to get back into the game. I posted some ads, then got a hit from the local musicians facebook page. A tenor firebird. Not traditional, but I'll take any commission at this point. I have 2 other builds going on (next post) but here is the progress so far on the Tenorbird. I started a few days before Xmas and here we are, waiting on LeeValley for the drill bits for the 6mm dot inlays and the 11.9mm bit for the bridge posts. Here's how it all started (sorry for the quality, I just snapped them with the iphone and didnt bother using the real camera. This is changing! The ash is also not that brown...not sure why the camera is making it that way) Spec Sheet Lumber Body all cut out/routed Mock up Pickgaurd rough cut Logo inlayed - what do you guys think of the design? It's supposed to be a guitar pic, and the letter J Neck pocket routed, not glued yet!
  4. Hi there! I am wondering if there are any luthiers out there (ideally in Canada) that might want to take on a project! I'm looking to get an ESP style V guitar made with a finish somewhere along the lines of this finish http://imgur.com/evHxvho Please give me a shout if you might want to take this on or if you might have any recommendations for me! Thanks, Dan
  5. Hello, My name is Matt and I'm a British guitar maker with 20 years combined experience in guitar repairs, rebuilding and luthierie. In 2009, after selling a few of my handcrafted instruments on the internet, I started taking orders and building a portfolio of privately commissioned "custom made" and stock guitars in my UK based workshop under the guise of "Serpentine Guitars". Serpentine Guitars build premium, handcrafted electric guitars for that ultimate tone and playability, hand made by a professional luthier and his meticulous attention to detail and perfection. Our instruments are custom made from the finest tonewoods, hand-picked for their visual and tonal qualities, and hardware manufactured to the highest standards, including Gotoh, Schaller, Hipshot, Bareknuckle Pickups, EMG and DiMarzio, to meet your exact requirements. I am currently taking orders globally through my website, where you can also read testimonials from my previous clients, and would be happy to provide a quote for your dream guitar using the online form - http://www.serpentineguitars.com We are also running a competition at the moment giving one lucky individual the chance to win a custom made guitar - visit the website for details. Thank you for your time. Matt (Serpentine Guitars) Moderators; the forum rules state "Sales and Services may be offered by anyone including retailers at any time as long as they are posted in the Classifieds Section Only". This topic is offering my services as a custom guitar maker.
  6. Back after a few months' absence, I have been working on various large projects, including guitar repairs and a number of forthcoming commissions. At the moment, I have one priority build in progress that I picked up a couple of weeks ago after a break from, which is a standard Superstrat carve-top. I have decided to add an element of curiosity and surprise to my future threads, so don't expect to see the full picture until the guitar is finished. So, to start us off, here's a run down of what we have achieved so far with build #SG1013... The body is a two-piece Ash with 17mm thick Flame Maple top: The neck is one-piece reclaimed Indian Rosewood with Ebony fretboard and Flame Maple headstock face: Custom inlays are a copy of the PRS 513 birds, recesses routed with a 0.8mm Dremel bit: Paua Abalone inlays glued in and cleaned up: Work has started on the body's carve-top - rough contours routed in steps, ready for hand carving. The full carve depth is 9mm, with 8mm depth left in the Flame Maple for faux-binding: This build will continue shortly with more photos - watch this space!
  7. Hello everyone, my name is Roland. I just want to introduce my self, and ask a few questions. i want to build a guitar. i have watched hours of videos and read more articles than i can count. I am very interested in seven string guitars, and i want my first build to be a seven. i just want to know where i get started and maybe a list of all the tools i need. thank you in advance. -Roland
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