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Found 5 results

  1. First post ever, second guitar build ever. I'm building a neck-through baritone, and approaching the step where I need to order finish supplies. I had planned on doing the entire thing using a uniform gloss nitrocellulose, but wanted to ask if I should consider doing that for the body, and a different route for the neck and headstock, maybe satin nitro or TruOil or some other option, something less grippy. The transition from body to neck is sufficiently distinct where I could mask it off without going nuts or having it look terrible, but I don't have any good sense of whether or not this is worth considering. Thoughts? PS: The core is maple/padauk laminations, the wings are khaya.
  2. So after a long hiatus, I'm back building again! My last was the explorer in about 2015, so it's been a while. I've been loving playing that in my band, easily the best sounding guitar I own! I've wanted to get back to it for ages, but life got in the way with moving countries and house buying etc.. Lockdown and furlough has given me a prime opportunity to finally get the shed set up and back to it though! Anyway, this time around it's going to be a bass - my first one! I've been spending more time with my Thunderbird lately but am really craving that extra string for some djenty/metally/proggy goodness. In particular I'm after that Darkglass-infused modern tone (ala Karnivool/Plini etc). I'm struggling a bit with finding pickups at a reasonable price at the moment, but the plan is for a set of passive soapbars going through a 3 channel pre-amp. Any recommendations would be appreciated as I'm much more on top of guitar p'ups than bass ones! I've taken an Ibanez SR as the start-point, mixed in a little Warwick Corvette and made my own headstock design. I'm also going with a proper logo for the first time! Scale length is 34.5", I wanted to keep a little of that de-tuned percussiveness in the low-B as well as not losing the playability of a "normal" scale-length with moving to a 35". Seemed a decent compromise. I'm also keeping the narrow nut spacing of my Thunderbird (classic pro) as I love how that neck feels. Woods-wise it's going to be a 7-piece neck-through made up of Maple, Wenge and Padauk. The body is mahogany topped with a generous bit of maple for some carving. The generosity is primarily down to the mahogany I have warping after I cut it from the blank a year or two ago.. hopefully what was salvageable is stable now! I've already made a start on the neck, but here are the plans so far - there's a bit more work to do to tie down details, but it gives the idea. Good to be back!!
  3. Hello, I'm a quite new guitarist (about 2 very casual years). I've been lately looking at a cheap 7-string guitar with a Floyd rose. I already own a cheap but quite decent MICHAEL BATIO MAB7X 7 STRING - CBK guitar which I'm really happy with. I've been recently looking for a "new" guitar and I've found couple of guitars which cost almost nothing for what they seem to be worth. I'm fully aware these are counterfeited fake guitars made in china. I'm really interested in the neck through bodies that they come with tho. Is it worth buying for the bodies and bodies alone and installing new bridge and other components? Or are there somewhere the neck through bodies for 7 string Floyd rose bodies that I can buy? My budget is 500 pounds which is roughly 700 dollars. I know many will say to just buy a new original guitar but there really aren't any guitars providing neck through bodies with 7-string Floyd rose at this price range and due to already owning another 7-string guitar with Floyd rose bridge I only need the body to swap the components into.
  4. When i was in the finish stages of the "Olympus" i started planning my next build. I haven't decided on all of the specs yet, but the idea is a neck thru with 25,5 scale with a hardtail bridge. Flamed maple/purpleheart/snakewood neck, the body will be a nice sandwich of black limba, purpleheart,wenge and cocobolo, hopefully it will turn out as planned. This is what i got so far, the cocobolo piece is huge and weigths about 13 kg so it will hopefully be enough for some future builds. I made a quick cad drawing of the design, still haven't decided if i will go along with that headstock yet. All comments on this project is welcome.
  5. Hi all, I have finally stepped the game up and started building my own necks out of raw wood (used to be scared of doing that and did not have the tools to do so) and I also finally managed to source some wood locally in Dubai where we do not have any "tone wood" suppliers and you are on your own. I am building a prototype of a guitar I designed a while ago and it will have a 5-piece African Mahogany neck with 2x 5mm thick Okoume laminates. The guitar is a 7 stringer and I am planning to bandsaw the angle out of the laminated blank and not scarf joint anything. I had previously trued and planed the boards to dead straight and they remained pretty much true after sitting for about a week or 10 days (minor 1mm warping or so over the span on 1500mm which sounds okay to me). When I cut the Okoume laminates -whose board was dead straight before cutting- one of two pieces bowed for quite a bit. Now I understand that as you cut the wood the internal tensions tend to get "released" and wood acts up again in a way. But how much warping is acceptable for a thin laminate? It is okay to force it to shape while clamping for gluing? The width of the neck goes from 48mm to 68mm so the 5mm okoume strips are not exactly going to constitute the majority of the neck wood and the mahogany is more or less stable so far which is good. One more question: Has anyone used Okoume before? I like the grain and it is EXTREMELY light compared to mahogany. The piece I have seems to have a maple-ish resonance when knocked on but the grain looks similar to mahogany. The warping clearly indicates that this isn't a wood that is hard enough for a neck (neither do the hardness scale numbers) but I assume it would be okay as thin lams and for body wings right? This is going to be just a prototype and def not going to be sold so I am experimenting a lot with it. Will be installing CF rods and a standard stewmac U channel rod in it as well. Your thoughts are MUCH appreciated. Thanks, Sami
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