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Found 5 results

  1. New member uncloaking. After making some modifications to guitars I own, I'm dipping a first tentative toe into the world of guitar building. I have no experience with or access to big scary tools like bandsaws and routers as yet, so the body and neck are a kit I bought off the internet. The body is allegedly mahogany, but it's paler and yellower than any mahogany I've ever seen and soft enough to drive screws into without drilling pilot holes. The top veneer is pretty, but about an atom thick. The neck is a glue-in one, and is a nice piece of maple with a scarf joint. The hardware and electronics are cheap rubbish so I've ordered better parts from various sources, including this piezo bridge I'll try and figure out how to wire. Headstock shaped with a coping saw, a rasp, and plenty of sandpaper. Neck glued, hardware and electronics added to see how everything lines up. The tailpiece is a Duesenberg Les Trem II - I have one in my Les Paul and I really like it. The neck pickup is a Gibson 61 humbucker. The bridge pickup is a custom-made humbucker-sized P90. Despite the tapered headstock, string pull is not straight, so I've added a String Butler, which has rollers to redirect the strings to the tuners after running straight across the not. Since that photo I have replaced the cheap black plastic nut with a Graphtexh TUSQ XL one, and discovered that the piezo bridge is way too high. Most tune-o-matic style bridges are recessed on the bottom for the thumb wheels - this one is flat on the bottom, so the whole bridge sits above the thumb wheels, who when I put strings on the strings are horribly high above the fretboard. The bridge that came with the kit is a sensible height. But having gone to the trouble of working out the wiring, drilling some extra holes for the controls, and buying some small knobs so there's room for the extra pot, I'm not ready to give up on my piezo plans. I've found and bought another piezo bridge on eBay that does have the thumb hole recesses and looks like it fits the same posts and is compatible with the preamp I have. All is not lost, just delayed a little. Planning on finishing with oil, to bring out the grain on the top veneer. Have ordered a bottle from Crimson Guitars but it hasn't arrived yet.
  2. tl;dr version; Just bought this guitar, humming issues, no experience in electronics, please help! Hello everyone...it´s been quite a long time since I last visited. I hope you guys are doing well. I just got myself a beautiful, previously owned Godin A6 Ultra, just got it today in the mail! As you can see, it was modded. I bought it on a site which I believe is owned by ebay. I´ve purchased many things there, and never had an issue. Certainly, I hope that is the case this time as well, but I would appreciate guidance. I have zero experience with electronics. Ok, so the guitar was modded with a volume and tone pots, along with an output jack. The guitar has the original circuitry, which is a side output for the humbucker, and a jack for acoustic or mix. I asked the seller, who has high reputation at the site, and he said he had bought the guitar from a collector in Texas. He was the original owner and had the mods made. Later, he had it put back to stock...except for the electronics on the top. He didn´t ask on what the mods where or what the configuration was. The guitar arrived today at my dad´s house, so I went there after work to pick it up. When I got home, I immediately set up my PC (I play through amp sims) and was surprised by some hum and gainy tones, along with somewhat uneven volume. I tried both jacks just to see if I could assess both tones, but the acoustic preamp had no output. Then it hit me that it works of a 9 volt battery. I took it out, but I don´t have means to check whether it is dead. No biggie, I´ll get one tomorrow. So, I focused on the humbucker sounds. I didn´t open the guitar, but I read on it before buying, and remembered somebody mentioning the humbucker is wired to the preamp as well. I guess this is necessary to have either acoustic or electric, or the mix, but I don´t know for sure. I tried a few presets and the hum worsened with some, lessened with others along with some drop in volume. I fiddled with the noise gate in the VST, but that didn´t help much. When I actually tried a preset with some gain and volume, the interface input spiked, and the hum turned into screeching. I unplugged the guitar and the interface, then restarted the pc. After rebooting, I tried the same, with the same results. I was ready to blame the interface, but first I picked up another guitar with humbucking pickups...dead quiet. Well, some noise, but nowhere near what I experienced with the other guitars. I want to try the preamp tomorrow, but my hunch is that the issue is something else. My guess is that the humbucker should work even if the preamp it´s connected to has no power...but I´m not sure on that. I have no experience with microphonic or ungrounded pickups, and that might not even be the issue. I´m concerned because there are no techs I know of here where I live. Maybe it is simpler than what I fear, or it might be enough to place a complaint at the site. I kind of hope for an "easy" fix and leave it alone. I would like to keep the guitar. In fact, I have a very nice pickup I would like to swap with the one it has right now, but I won´t if the design is not meant to work with another one. When trying it out acoustically, I tried the pots on the top, and they are perfectly placed and seem good quality. If possible, I would like to have the magnetic pickup swapped for the one I already have, maybe wire the guitar circuits independent of each other... Anyway, sorry for the humungous post...I tend to do that,
  3. Although blended piezo and magnetic systems seem to have entered a fairly mainstream space right now, I can't seem to find many diagrams to achieve what I'm after. Here's the idea: On the magnetic side, I have an EMG 89 and 81TW, Both are dual mode (quasi-coil-split). I have 2 25K push/pull pots for mode switching ("coil splitting") duty, plus an extra "normal" 25k pot that was originally meant for tone. The switch is a Gibson-style 3-way. For the magnetic system, the plan is to use the push/pull as 1V, 1T and ditch the normal pot. So, a master volume and a master tone that I'd probably rarely use, and a push/pull dedicated to each EMG. On the piezo side, I haven't actually procured anything yet preamp-wise, but I was thinking of grabbing the smallest acoustic preamp I can find, and finding some space for it, maybe with the panel facing outwards on the back of the guitar. We'll see if I can find one that fits; otherwise I might be back to square one. Assuming the components work out, the piezo elements "tie" together and feed into the preamp, which has its own output. I don't know if the impedances of the magnetic and piezo systems are going to be an exact match because they don't seem to list the impedance of these cheap acoustic preamps... but I'm hoping that since both systems are active, at the output stage there's going to be a match.... maybe that's too much to hope for? Assuming they are a match, this means that each respective system essentially has its own master volume. While a blend pot could be interesting, I'm fine with just two separate volume controls to create my "blend". That being the case, what is the right stage to tie these things together? Both of them just feed the output jack? Thanks for any input you might have!
  4. Hey there, I have a question in my head these days, i thought maybe you could help me decide: in my situation (see below), should i get a vintage or a standard vibrato block? Situation - i m rebuilding a "perfect" guitar (for me) starting from a basswood Fender body with a straight 24 fret Fender neck. http://s1237.photobucket.com/user/strat80hm/library/Strat%20HM%20Blue/#/user/strat80hm/library/Strat%20HM%20Blue?sort=3&page=1&_suid=136855920574306923632957944514 - my perfect guitar should not ask for a tool box to tune or change a string, and should allow me to play behind the nut, and should look as close as a regular everyday Strat as possible. - this Strat is mounted with a black bulky double locking system (a Kahler Spyder) with routed cavity for pulling. - this vibrato is mounted on 2 poles which are about 2' 7/8" apart. Plan - to install a classic vibrato block (no locking) with piezo captor (LR Baggs X-Bridge because it sounds nice and cost less than other brands). http://www.lrbaggs.com/pickups/electric-guitar-acoustic-pickup - the Vintage version has 6 screws (2 1/8 wide) while the Standard had 2 poles (2 1/16 apart). - because of the difference of size with the Kahler, i m going to have to fill up the existing holes for the poles and drill new holes. - because of the routing, i might also have to fill-up at least the front part of the recess (where the poles are). - i like my vibrato block floating -which i do by setting it "slanted" (a la Jeff Beck)- so it doesnt not necessarily need a recessed body, although i m not against the idea of setting it "flat" and take advantage of the already existing route for pull-ups. - I like the Vintage system better, especially the thin threaded vibrato bar. Questions - given the strong string/spring tension involved, and the potential "fragility" of having to glue a new piece of wood to accommodate new poles/screws, is the 6 screws-Vintage system the right choice in my situation? - what s sturdier: 6 screws or 2 poles? - any specific kind of wood i should use for (partially) filling up the routed part? Thanks for sharing thoughts and clearing up confusion.
  5. Hi all, I` m the owner of Ibanez Prestige RG 2120x with Lo pro double edge. Preovius owner installed an active EMG picup and disconnected piezo system. I do not like EMG so I changed them for pasive Dimarzio. I did all works based on wirings from Ibanez website and jemsite forum.Now I have some problems the piezo. When I want use my piezo I have to plug two jacks in outputs. On youtube people use one and everything works perfectly. It`s uncomfortable to plug all the time one more jack. How it changed? I have read about KJG Wiring mod. It will solve my problem? Thanks for help Paul
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