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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone! I want to do some modding on the electronics of one of my guitars. It's a solid body tenor, 4 strings, tuned as 1st to 4th string on a regular guitar, sometimes tuned as 2nd to 5th string. But I'm completely new to this, so there's is a lot I need to find out before I get started. Here are my most urgent questions, I hope someone out there knows the answers: 1) There's a volume and a tone control on the guitar, but I rarely use them. 99% of the time, they are both set on 10, as I control the volume and tone on different gear (volume pedal etc.). What would happen if I simply removed the two pots and let the wires run straight to the output jack? Would I notice any change in sound quality, output level etc.? Would there be any argument for leaving the pots, even though I don't use them? 2) What are the differences between bass pickups and guitar pickups, aside from the string spacing? The guitar I wish to mod has a quite wide string spacing, closer to that of a bass than a guitar. I wish to know, if I can use a bass pickup. 3) What happens when two or more pickups are sent simultanousely to one output? Are the signals simply summed together, or are there impedance and output issues I need to be aware of? E.g. is there a risk that one pickup can ruin or cancel the sound of another if they don't "fit" together (e.g. a bass PU together with a guitar PU)? Thanks to all! :-D
  2. Hi All,I'm hoping someone might be able to give me some guidance. I recently picked up a 2010 PRS C22 (lefty) and noticed that (1) the push-pull hardly makes any difference and (2) the tone control doesn't taper, instead quickly phasing in at about 3 on the dial. I'm not sure if anyone ever played around with the wiring before I bought it, but it doesn't seem to track the schematic PRS has on their website. For example, the cap is a .033uF instead of the stated .022uF, and connects to the live pole of the volume control, rather than the center. The pot reads "A (|) 15A500K 10 11", so I don't think there's an issue with the type of pot. Any suggestions or tips would be great as the push-pull seems almost useless and the tone control behaves like an on-off switch. I've included a pic for reference. Thanks
  3. Dylan's YouTube channel contains many more excellent information-dense and objectively-poised videos. We're looking forward to bringing you more of these great videos!
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